Filming day 4, Ton’s gallery

by - 2012/05/10 25 Comments Filming

It’s over! It’s been a blast! Amazing! I’ll be writing production experience reports later, here’s the (probably randomized) list of snapshots from my phone!

  1. xboong says:

    Cool! Thank you for the photos!

  2. PhysicsGuy says:

    It looks great guys! Cool seeing all the equipment and the empty street! I can’t wait to see some shots from the crane!

    • ton says:

      We’ll post everything (in the end). Did I already say thanks for the props? :) We’ll make an appointment for return soon, and come for a visit for a ‘weekly’ here?

      • PhysicsGuy says:

        No thanks, I’m glad I had a chance to contribute! I’ll surely come to visit for a weekly.

  3. Antoine says:

    I agree with PhysicsGuy, it HAS to be awesome, I like the actors’ look very much.
    one question : are you going to edit the movie in other languages with the help of the community ? (I volunteer for tribute =P)

  4. Mathias says:

    Nice seeing these production shots.
    BTW: Did you film with 48 fps? I only read your question on twitter but never a decision…?

  5. vitos1k says:

    Girl-actress is very beautifull! :)
    i hope you will post postproduction process daily :)

  6. Daniel says:

    Hey guys,
    i’m looking forward to see the finished movie!
    Have fun!

    greetings from Germany ;D

  7. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    Great stuff…
    about the Girl-Actress pants
    is it costume or same kind of a rigging device???

    Caue its so contrasty shiny…. and pops out

  8. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    on picture 0693
    is this a regulay way to park bikes in amsterdam????

    • Manuel says:

      Maybe it was locked up and in the shot so they safely hung it down so its out of the shot, who knows.
      Im pretty sure thats not the usual way to park bikes there :P

    • Jan Henk Speelman says:

      Yes! You see bikes in the strangest positions at places all over the city. They are like an exchange currency between students and junks…

    • Jeroen Mank says:

      It’s called a “disposable bike”. Actually this one is parked quite tidy because it still can be brought back to use (somehow). Most of them end up on the bottom of the canals.

  9. Martin says:

    If you could find the time, please caption these pictures, I would love to know who’s doing what.
    Any chance you could publish the production schedule or the notes from the assistant director?

  10. Michael C says:

    Thanks guys for the awesome documentary of your journey! It’s been very inspiring and just the fact that you shared the whole process was…nothing short of amazing! Congrats on finishing filming, although thats only half of it. :)

    Thanks again!

  11. Tobias says:

    I really like the jacket on the male actress. Is it for sale? I want it! What size is it?:-)

  12. Marcelo says:


    It seems the actual shooting was done in a different bridge from the one nearby the Oude Kerk. It was in Reguliersgracht, in the region covered by the filming permit shown previously by Ian:

    Very nice place indeed, probably with a broader view and more space to place the equipment!

  13. Colin Levy says:

    Holy crap, technocrane!! You guys aren’t kidding around!

    Amazing privilege to see all this stuff as it happens.

    • ian says:

      YES!!! We came so close to filming this last day in the studio (the weather forecast was insane), but I’m so glad we didn’t. If you’re going to make a film in Amsterdam, film over a canal with a crazy robot crane!

  14. Jeroen Bakker says:

    Very very very nice. Too bad I couldn’t make it! Still I could follow the process well using the video streaming. Keep on the good work.

  15. Nabil Stendardo says:

    I am just wondering: what is the black backdrop for? I assume it’s for the lighting, but I cannot tell exactly.

  16. Jan the Freeze says:

    I guess they are filming the “overshoulder” shots. Blocking the light from one direction makes for more interesting light on their faces