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Last week we’ve captured for everyone in the studio for a whole week every minute a screenshot! That’s going to be a great video! Needs time to process, so it’ll be published later (or as  DVD extra ;)
Just for fun, here’s the capture of today 18.00. From left to right,  top to bottom: Sebastian, Jeremy, Campbell, Ian, Andy, Roman, Francesco and Kjartan.

  1. Brandon Hix says:

    This is a really cool idea. It’s nice to be able to see all the custom setups and workflows everybody is using on a daily basis to pull this film off. Great eye candy!

  2. riftmaster says:

    Could you post a higher resolution version of Jeremy’s screen? I would love to see what the contact points of the hand looks like

  3. TFS says:

    There was an article on BlenderNation a week ago which suggested some performance improvements to using Blender.

    On of the items was switching off the ‘double sided’ options under the object data tab.

    Just out of interest has anyone within the team tested the potential for performance increases in the viewport after such a change?



  4. tony says:

    Me gustaría ver la mano :D
    segunda foto, derecha :D

    • Kutato says:

      yo también; y es interesante notar cómo reemplazan la mano por otra mecánica (que no es otra cosa sino rotoscopía).

      me too, and it is interesting to see how they replace the hand, on the other mechanics (which is nothing but rotoscoping).

  5. DigiDio says:

    Great workflow there.

  6. Tycho says:

    What is the internet page one can see in the last tow screen shot ?

  7. Rhys says:

    Oof, check out the sniper shot!

  8. Lachlunn says:

    Ian, I think we caught you slacking off and looking at cute fuzzy avatar things again.

    Back to work eh?

  9. Carsten says:

    Big Brother.

    Nice idea, a VERY open movie.

  10. Jan the Freeze says:

    This is the tirannical producers wet dream! Hordes of eager fans will be stalking you if you slack off for a minute. No facebook for you blenderslaves!

    : )

  11. r0ug3r says:

    nice to have spotlight working!!!! really good for interiors, awesome stuff goin on with blender!!.
    will be waiting for the times when blender could use .ies files.
    nice developments!!!!

  12. blenderfan says:

    Great! Though that vignette looks strange. Unless you are simulating anamorphic frame sizes, the vignette should be round not eliptic.