Face Grabbin’

by - 2012/06/13 15 Comments Animation

Yesterday I spent the afternoon seeing if i could get some facegrabbing done (as seen in the screengrab from yesterday).

It involved my first try at tracking for the hand which gave me a placement for the robohand and my first try at masking with parenting mask point to tracking markers (very useful for when he talks). Then with a nice backplate and alot of scrubbing, i hand animated the hand and fingers to match the hand and fingers of our lovely actress.

I let it render overnight but it didnt bring the background with it, so i set it to go locally this morning (with v.low samples so it would be quick) to get something to show.
Looking like i’ll need to animate the back finger, but overall its looking promising**!

**I did nothing for lights and comp work (save layering), its all about the movement!

  1. vitos1k says:

    movements look great! but please don’t forget about AO shadows on the actor in the final render!

  2. nawabz says:

    this is intense dude,
    looking great.

    @vitos1k: yeh, that will notch the intensity of realism very much.

  3. francoisgfx says:

    is the head roto-animated as well ?

  4. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    I realy would like To know how you remove the Actors Fingers frome the Face???

    • jeremy says:

      right now they aren’t removed, just covered up. i think the plan is to create a clean backplate from the rest of the footage then take out her hand entirely

    • Hubberthus says:

      The funnier thing is that his nose and lips cover the mechanical hand! :)
      Looks really nice!

  5. tony says:

    Felicitaciones :D
    la película sera grandiosa

  6. Lyle Walsh says:

    THose neeedles pointed at his face, oooooo, you are freaking me out. Mmmmm I guess that’s the point, nice job!

  7. David Mulder says:

    A small needle which shoots out from the palm of the hand with the container hidden entirely within the arm would make a lot more sense, but otherwise good work :D

  8. Tycho says:

    In order to extract background from this precise footage, you surely need the GIMP algorithm in blender (see previous post). Are you gonna include such algorithm in blender.

    • vitos1k says:

      not exatcly, just masking will be enough to replace hand with a photo taken from the set. I guess mango team took all kind of references of the set during production. Including environment HDRI maps :) Mirror balls FTW

  9. Psy-Fi says:

    There’s some noise on the robot hand that stays constant in screen space and it’s quite noticeable. Is it dithering/rendering/compositing related? Anyways, I’m sure the final result will be great ;)

    • sozap says:

      one cool trick a friend of mine has found is that you can animate the seed of the samples, then you can have a varying noise… I guess it’s not the right time to do so…