Release Date: Sept 26th!

by - 2012/09/10 31 Comments Production, Random

So! We’re back in the studio and moving ahead- and we have a release date! Sept 26th! Just over two weeks from now. I dunno- maybe that seems like a good chunk of time to you guys, but to us it’s not much; we have to make a whole DVD before then! Ton just put up a previous blogpost listing all of the extra features we’re going to try to cram on there. Whole buncha goodies.

So mark your calendar! Tell your mom! Pay your internet bill! Look for leaked torrents! We’re finally gonna release this thing!

  1. Ickathu says:

    yayayayayayayayayayayay! Super pumped!!!

  2. YEY! Can’t waiting for it

  3. Brad says:

    Omg the wait :(
    But seriously guys good job, cant wait to see this thing

  4. Beniamin says:

    I know it will sound cheesy but the release date blew my mind for a second. It’s my birthday on 26 September. What a great gift/present. Thanks Blender Foundation. And thanks goes to all Developers and of course the production team of this Open Movie.

    I’m still shocked by the way…(by the release date).

  5. NFP Digital says:

    OMG IT’S SO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!

  6. blendercomp says:

    Come on guys, amaze us once more! :)

  7. printerkiller says:

    Wait a minute! Is it the DVD release date or the Online release date?

  8. Socceroos says:

    Is it just me or does this robot only have three legs?

  9. Brian says:

    Looking forward to it always inspiring work to show my students, have done so since elephants Dream and Sintel gets regular airtime :) always packed full of useful info keep up the great work guys…

  10. kaisaki1342 says:

    Sep 26, Sep 26, Sep 26 . CAN’T WAIT ….

    Eager, eager ,eager. :lol:

    On the serious note, I am so excited to see the final movie.

    Thanks for all your hardwork on making this open movie realized.

    I hope I can donate in the near future.

  11. Blendiac says:

    Woot! Woot! Can’t wait to see how all of your work panned out. For me, even if the film never came out, Mango has already been a huge success just for all of the improvements and new tools we’ve seen for working with live action footage in Blender.

    If we get an inspiring film out of this on the side, I’m going to be a very happy camper. :D

    Go team Mango!

  12. shul says:

    you should sell this robot with the hat as a plushy!!

  13. Oh man.. Awsome.. can’t wait .

  14. Sinatria says:

    Can’t waiting long time… awesome …

  15. DoubleZ says:

    Any event will be set to promote the online premiere of Tears of steel (like a IRC channel event)?

  16. Joost Bouwer says:

    Just spent some time at the gallery… It’s a really amazing how much progress you guys have made. I’m really looking forward to the premiere.
    Keep up the good work.
    Kind regards!

  17. stephen says:

    Final stretch now guys, can’t wait to see what all the screaming and whatnot is about in the final couple of minutes. My guess is that David Bowie strolls into the scene, says something rather freaky-deakey, which freaks everyone out, including the robots, making them scream and shoot guns wildly into the air. Then David tells everyone to calm down and they all sit down for a cup of tea.

  18. liberMp3 says:

    Yeah…. i will wait it….

  19. 3dementia says:

    Fast forwarding to the future now so I can watch it… >>>>> Oh man it is unbelievable! Great job!

  20. Peter says:

    Already made a note in my calendar.

  21. Dave says:

    26th Sept. Nice – day after my Birthday :)

    only 4 days away.

  22. ZetShandow says:

    What time?

  23. Dheepan says:

    Wow, It was awesome :) :) Thanks!!!