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Today production of the DVD box has started. We aim at squeezing everything on a 4 DVD box – which gives max 24 GB of data (minus the PAL and NTSC sections). There’s still hope we can even go back to 16 GB data even – in that case we can also sell as extra service for everyone a 16 GB USB stick! That we only know end of next week probably.

Here’s the projected contents overview:

DVD VIDEO (NTSC and PAL discs)

  • Movie itself (subtitles in EN, DE, NL, FR, ES, RU, NO, IT)
  • Addition credits section for our loyal sponsors
  • Documentary

DVD ROM (2 x 8 GB + 2 x 4 GB optional)

  • Movie itself in HD, compressed in several qualities/sizes.
  • Movie in quad-split (or 6 split even): showing storyboards, animatic, original footage, cleaned footage, shots with preview renders, screenshots, …
  • Outtakes!
  • All used footage in JPEG2000 (HD)
  • Selection of original footage frames (4k OpenEXR and F65 RAW)
  • Press and print section: high quality renders (in 4k), backdrops, film poster
  • The cleaned studio database with .blend files, textures, etc.
  • Studio 1-week screencast (every artist was captured a full week)
  • Tutorials about the studio data – how to use files
  • How-to tutorials (how we rigged, modeled, textured, cleaned, tracked, lit, composited, graded)
  • Simple blends – files that load quick without external dependencies – for demo and easy sharing.
  • Final-edit .blend with sequencer edit of movie – using 1k .avi files (make your own cut)
  • Various cool stuff from the blog and what else we can find!

We’ll take 3 weeks to produce this. End of month the gold master will go to the printer!

Visit the Blender e-store to order the dvd box.

  1. Payton Hubbard says:

    Will the how to tutorials ever be released to the web?

    • ton says:

      It’s all creative commons, everyone can share our data freely. I also consider to offer the dvd iso’s as download, but currently bandwidth wouldn’t allow such mass distribution :)

      • German P says:

        You can try with a torrent.

        • ton says:

          To clarify our position: we depend on 1000s of people who supported us (and still do) by purchasing these dvds. That’s how we could realize this project. That people share the data or dvds isos after we’re finished is all fine, but not of my concern really.

  2. J. says:

    How are you gonna translate ‘I just want to be awesome in space’ to Dutch?
    Ik wil cool(ste) zijn in het heelal?
    Ik wil mijn droom najagen in de ruimte?
    Ik wil de ruimte in?

    So many options…

    Btw, I’d like to help with the Dutch subtitles.

  3. Psy-Fi says:

    It may be a bit late for that but I’d love to do a greek translation too.

  4. ton says:

    For the online release the team does the translations internally (we cover a lot of languages!).

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope, that translators will proofread their work and there won’t be any mistypes/errors, like in the final version of Russian subtitles for Sintel… :-/ Anyway, good luck! :)

      • J. says:

        Indeed. Have a few people you trust who can do a quick check of the text. (because otherwise some errors will slip in, whether you like it or not)

        One tip already: In Dutch it’s ”robothand”, not ”robot hand” like in English. :P

  5. meltingman says:

    y’m Sooo Happy of this news :-).

    clapclap :-)

  6. Jonatas Kerr de Oliveira says:

    There is someone translating the subtitles to portuguese? I can help with Brazilian Subtitles (I´ve done the Elephant´s Dreams Subtitles)

  7. blendercomp says:

    I’m really looking forward to receiving the DVDs!
    What an impressive assortment of content, esp the tutorials.

  8. Karlis says:

    I think usb stick would be the best way. I don’t think I will ever need it in DVD format.
    Videos could be just compressed h264 hd quality.

  9. Bonuses – my favourite part of a DVD box-set :D

  10. David Jordan says:

    You mention simple .blend files. Will this be the complete set like the svn? I’d really like to be able to use these, and I know the previous open movies had a number of excellent conversions (3D for instance) which were possible as a result.

    • ton says:

      We will isolate a couple of shots, bring it down to a single .blend that takes minimal disk space. That means also removing parts, reducing detail, compress textures. We won’t do that for the entire film, that’s far too much work! :)

      • David Jordan says:

        Ah, so like the Mango analogues of Sintel Lite then? Also, I think my eyes skiped over “Studio Database” which I’m guessing means the complete final source.

  11. LOGAN says:

    I’m really curious about having original uncut greenscreen takes for people to use. Preferably in original resolution of 4k, includingnouttakes and unused takes. This way people could make an extended version. It’s a lot of date, I’m sure :)

  12. captainkirk says:

    Will any of the meshes (such as the quad-bot) be made available for download? Having spent all my money on Track, Match, Blend I can’t afford to buy the movie.