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by - 2012/07/30 37 Comments Production

So Joram has been doing some crazy great music- and we figured it’s about time you guys heard a bit more of it! (the teaser also featured his music)

Performances from Sergio Hasselbaink, Derek de Lint, Rogier Schippers, and Jody Bhe.

The visuals are our current WIP for the week, so I’ll try to post an update soon!

  1. mr hankey says:

    Video is private :(

  2. Ferdy says:

    Yup, would love to see it, but it’s set to private. Please, please? :)

  3. mr hankey says:

    very lovely, reminds me of the tron-soundtrack.

  4. AlekB says:

    Yes! I was just about to ask for some update on the sound! The color grade changes dramatically though. What is that? Are they different sections of the movie or is that just something that needs to be fxed?

  5. ZareOne says:

    I’ll wait for the finished soundtrack, but judging just this video… I prefer Jan Morgenstern music, since I feel it has a more personal character. This sounds like a mix between Dark Knight Rises (Bank robbery scene), Inception and TRON Legacy soundtracks, so … Zimmer (TRON Legacy has a Zimmerish sound even if it was “composed” by Daft Punk).

    I think finding your personal voice it’s one of the most difficult aspects of any artistic career (filmmaker, composer, writer, director….)

    I’m not trying to discourage the composer, but the opposite. The road is long, and you’ll find yourself while walking along. It’s quite common to show off your musical tastes and influences, specially in your first works.


    • StoneSplash says:

      I personally find the music to be fitting the short style perfectly.

      Now, even if it sounded close to an other artist’s “style”, I don’t see how that would be bad (unless that artist would be bad, but we are talking about Zimmer here). I guess this was more of a compliment?

      What do you mean when you say that this lacks personal character?

      I can understand that you like Jan Morgenstern more, but that’s rather subjective, especially given the “lack of personal character” reason…

      I’m not trying to discourage you from posting critiques, but I sort of didn’t really get the point you were trying to make. (I thought I knew it, but your conclusion through me off.)

      • D says:

        I think ZareOne is trying to say that because the score sounds like some of the past movie scores, the composer has yet to obtain his own musical style.

      • I agree with ZareOne, the music is good, it is well composed and arranged, but it doesn´t sound original, brings emotion, fits the images, but lacks innovation, i´m mean being to the level of being able to write music in a Zimmerish way, it is a very good level, but that doesn´t make you Zimmer, it doesn´t make you a good artist, maybe as an starting point it is a good, but to be known as a good artist the most important thing, i think, is to create logics that have never been used before, that´s what makes Zimmer what he is, and that is what this soundtrack misses to find

      • ZareOne says:

        Rereading my post, days later, I understand what you’re saying. My point wasn’t clearly stated. One thing I see now, and I don’t like (about my comment) is that I compared it with Jan. They’re both great composers and I’m sure the score of “Tears of Steel” is going to rock as much as the rest of the film.

        My point was that, even if I like the music he’s composed for this fragment, I find it too similar style-wise to Remote Control / Zimmer sound (which I myself enjoy a lot), and encourage him to try out other composition / orchestration devices which will make a difference.

        I wish I had half his talent for music. But I wish he risks a bit more in the future too


        P.S: Anyway, both D and Belofilms already made my point clearer. Thanks guys! ;-)

  6. Andreas says:

    i really need to know what software Joram is using for making music. could somebody figure that out, please ??

    • Tycho says:

      I too ! Cubase or Studio pro ! would the music files and the score be open too ?

      • Music says:

        The audio/music from Tears Of Steel will be available in 4 separate audio files:

        – the full mix
        – dialogue
        – sound FX
        – music

        See the reply on Guido’s post for more information about the used DAW, plugins and libraries for Tears Of Steel.

  7. Stuart says:

    Excellent job guys!

  8. Blendiac says:

    I wonder how OpenOctave is coming along these days. Not that long ago it looked like it had real promise (even if it wasn’t ready just yet…)

    • ZareOne says:

      The problem with OS Audio / MIDI sequencers in Linux (Ardour, OpenOctave…) is that even if they can get to the point where they offer the composer / producer a professional toolset, they won’t have REAL VST support. And with real, I mean official (as in supported by Steinberg themselves).

      There’s no way a musician that composes for a life is going to adopt a production environment where the tools he’s paid hundreds / thousands of dollars for aren’t officially supported by their developers (VSL, EastWest, Native Instruments…)

      And it’s not just making a VST(i) to work on Open Octave or Ardour, but its copy protection too. There should be no problem with challenge/response systems, but USB dongles don’t work AFAIK. So, no Vienna Symphonic Library, EWQL Play, Kontakt…

      I’d love to see sample / synths developers adopting a really open standard (Ladspa V2 LV2, or a new one created by the industry) but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. On the other side, it seems like VFX related developers are giving a lot to the OS world (OpenColor IO, PTex, Alembic, OpenFX…) Let’s hope the audio industry takes note!

      • “The problem with OS sequencers in Linux is that they won’t have REAL VST support. There’s no way a musician that composes for a life is going to adopt a production environment where the tools he’s paid hundreds of dollars for aren’t officially supported by their developers.”

        And they never will. The point is to use free replacements to the costly, proprietary tools that the musician used to use, instead of allowing proprietary tools to be used in free software. That would be a travesty to the ethical objective of free software.

  9. Socceroos says:

    LOVE the music – You’re doing so well!

    In the first scene with the soldier with the sniper, there is a distinctive grey/blue hue/light in the scene, but when the guy with the webcam attached to his face talks to him on the radio the sniper has a massive orange/yellow hue/light on his face. Not sure if this is something that’s been missed or something that is intentionally part of the scene that I don’t realise, but I just thought I should point it out if it helps! =)

  10. Wolter says:

    Great music!

  11. Stuart says:

    Btw, I like all the foliage you’ve got going there. We haven’t heard anything about that so far – is it the Sapling add-on or the ivy generator or custom made plants just for Mango?

  12. Guido says:

    Great music! I would also like to ask Joram if he could reveal some details about his studio gear (hardware, software – DAW, plugins, libraries):-) I am also interested in his workflow, that is, how does Joram start from finding the right melody for a scene to the final sonic picture.

    • Music says:

      Here is already some information.

      Logic 9
      MacPro 2 x quad core 2,26 GHz
      Adam A8X

      Some of the libraries/plugins used for this project:

      Orchestral Essentials (Project SAM)
      EWQL Symphonic Orchestra
      Kontakt 5

      • Weasel says:

        From the About-page: ‘All of tools we use here for the film are open source’

        Since when is Logic open source? Or Kontakt? Or is the soundtrack not considered to be a part of this film?

        • leodp says:


        • J. says:

          The Blender Open Movies never used open source software for composing/sound mixing.
          And why should Joram switch to other software only to make things worse and 100 times more clumsy and without support of his hardware/plugins?

          I’m eagerly awaiting your answer! :D

          • Weasel says:

            I can understand why programs like Logic are used and not poorlt made open source ones, but Blender shouldn’t make the claim that ‘all’ programs used are open source. Right now, they are doing just that. Just simply change it in ‘most programs used are open source’. Don’t make a claim if it isn’t true.

        • guest says:

          open source is not ready (yet) for serious audio work unfortunately.

        • Stuart says:

          Read further:

          “Since we’ll work with external providers for music, sfx and mix, we can only recommend them to include free software in their pipeline, but won’t put stringent demands here.”

  13. Flexx says:

    Too similar with Tron Legacy !
    Actually, it is Tron Legacy at 0:39.

  14. SJ Bennett says:

    I wonder if Joram went off and grabbed The Dark Zebra (recently released Hans Zimmer soundset).

  15. Sparse Voxel Octree says:

    Enviro are starting to be reeeeally convincing. Massive improvements.

    Are music softwares OpenSource too? I’d love to play with a nice Open software for music.

    Gotta grab my Mango DVD copy soon.

  16. joostbouwer says:

    Hey guys,

    it’s coming along quite nicely. I like the soundtrack. It does what it has to do: Create an ambience.

    And to all others:
    This Blog post is about the music… So don’t complain about the images!