Mango press kit

by - 2012/02/12 8 Comments Production

Mango official start is soon! I’ve composed a press release text and a .zip with artwork sketches and banners and the Mango logo. Help us out to spread this info to websites or use it to post on your own!  (press text, pdf)  (images, logos, banners, 58 MB)

  1. Grafixsuz says:

    Will start to spread the word… This time seems to be slower in reaching the goal.

  2. Luks Dm says:

    Is it just me or the pdf file is damaged?

  3. Daniel Wray says:

    PDF works fine here; slight spelling mistake spotted, should be ‘Rhythm & Hues’.

    Time to get posting on Twitter, Facebook, and forums :)

  4. Aditia says: least this what I could do to help out, until I can buy the DVD. I’ll sure to buy it of course

  5. Hey everyone, been following Mango from the start, it’s great to see how each project has specific and unique goals taht are different from the other ones, this on’ll be very inspirational for me as I plan to do a very short film int he future in live action and do it in blender to see how it goes! Good luck guys and you can count on me with anything. I can also do some additional art if you like, I just love Blender’s projects!

    David, j’aime beaucoup ton travaille, et c’est interessant de voir que pour ce projet t’utilizes des couleurs diferents et plus saturées, jtrouve ca tres interessant. en tt cas jte souhaite bonne chance avc le projet! Je suis un grand fan de ton travaille!