Film credit: February 15th end of day!

by - 2012/02/14 13 Comments Production

For an original film scroll credit you have to purchase the DVD on the 15th end of day (UTC) latest! Per 16 February DVD pre-orders will still get a credit though, but only on the website here and on the dvds. Gold/Platinum/etc sponsors can get a film credit up to a week before we’re done!

Visit the Blender E-store and order now!

  1. Done!

    Now the rest is up to you guys!

  2. comeinandburn says:

    get em’ while they’re hot!

    Just the tuts that will be included with this are well worth the price… and at the end of the day it’s just a way of saying thanks for giving us Blender for free:)

    Best of luck guys, I can’t wait!

  3. Nathaniel de Bell says:

    Though I am increasingly impressed in relation to the creativity and productivity of the Blender Institute, I am reluctant to purchase a copy of the associated DVD of the “Mango Open Movie Project” because of concerns in relation to the direction of the film. Particularly I am worried by evident complexity of the plot in comparison to the predetermined time length target. In addition to the difficulty of conveying the central themes and narrative of the film, a substantial reliance upon low budget dialogue may produce similar failings to Ian Hubert’s previous project “Project London”. It is important to realise that superb cinematography can express the narrative much more pleasingly then poor dialogue. I.e. the principle of the proverb “A picture is worth one thousand words”. Furthermore the obvious potential for current and future attempts by the team to lengthen the time length of the film to compensate for the complexity of the plot will produce issues experienced by “Sintel”, particularly in the completion of the project in relation to the development of Blender during the period. In conclusion, concerns in relation to the project could be substantially lessened by obeying the time length target, reducing the complexity of the plot, and little reliance upon dialogue in favour of reliance upon cinematography and the potential of Blender.

    • ton says:

      For sure this project’s first target is to improve and validate Blender and open source VFX in general. For the creative side: I know the script, and dialog is less then 20 lines total. I am also 100% for visual storytelling. Just give Ian and the team a chance?

  4. Juan Pablo Navarro says:


    almost forgot the date!

    beside the support for mango, I purchase a lot of stuff this time.

  5. ROUBAL says:

    For my own, I enjoyed all previous movies from the Blender Institute, as well as the DVD bonuses. I ordered late this year because I have been sick at the end 2011/beginning 2012, but I ordered the DVD as well.

    I would like to say Hello to the Mango Team if someone comes here, and also that I purchased the DVD the 10 of february, but I don’t see my name in the credits list :o((

    I tried to report this trouble in the fields at the bottom of the credits list, but the pages closes and doesn’t save my post. I try again !

    I tried from several computers and the trouble seems coming from side. I’m sorry !

    Could someone put an eye on this, please ?
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards,
    Philippe ROUBAL.

  6. deonast says:

    I hope I got in on time. It is the 16th of February today but I’m in Australia and we are generally a day ahead. Knowing my luck I’ve probably missed the cut off by an hour. Oh well good luck with the project. I look forward to keeping track of your progress.

    • ton says:

      I won’t be making troubles about missing deadlines just with a few hours! Just reply on the DVD payment-confirmed email from our e-shop to get a crediting deal :)

  7. Corfy says:

    I got my order in on time (last night, just a few hours before the deadline), and I see my name is already on the credits page. According to the confirmation email I received, this will be shipped out “within 1 week.” So I guess I should expect to have this by the first March? ;-)

  8. stephen says:

    Haven’t made the deadline, but the most important bit is getting funding to you guys for this film. Have got a big invoice coming in over the next couple of weeks, will be sure to buy my copy when it does (especially seeing as I used Blender for a big chunk of the work :-D )