Kickoff Workshop: Day 2

by - 2012/03/06 31 Comments Directing & writing, Production


So we filmed the script this morning. The current edit is looking pretty darn similar to the animatic from yesterday (with a few minor exceptions). Everybody was awesome! This is a pretty incredible team.

Destruction simulations, amazing robot texturing, 3d motion tracking, editing, great animation, and insane bug fixing abound! The film has really taken shape- but tomorrow the CG shots should really start looking closer to finalized! Also! Getting audio locked down!

If this is where we’re at by the end of the 2nd day, with any luck we’re going to be able to do all the polishing we need!

  1. This is going to be really awesome!! :D

  2. CT. da'Bomb says:

    how long will this movie be? and will it be included with the DVD?

  3. MrNoodle says:

    Btw will blender ever acknowledge user changes to a file and prompts the user to save save before exit ? :D

    • ton says:

      The Mac version already does, for the other OSes it’s waiting for a developer to add that.

      • revolt_randy says:

        I’ve always thought that blender assumes it’s user’s to be intelligent enough to know to save their work before exiting the application. If there will be an idiot prompt added to save the current file, I hope there will be an option for non-idiot users to turn this feature off.

        • Alessio says:

          i think it’s just a matter of habits. no need here to insult a lot of people ;)

        • Blendiac says:

          You’re also obviously assuming that no Blender users have kids and thus occasionally get their keyboards mashed. Any other key combo can be undone, but if my kid pushes ctrl+q before I can get to the keyboard it’s… “Game over, man!”

          • I kind of like and dislike features that ask if you want to save a file. I definitely think they should add one, but like Billyh said it would be nice if you can set it on or off. As for me I’m already in such a habit to save my file every 2 seconds (almost literally)

      • Why is this platform specific? Saving is done within blender isn’t it?

  4. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    What de fu… Futuristic Movie it will became….
    I have bouthe the DVD and to be perfecliy honest a movie made like this will be also gread to see… Everyone take himself so serions including me to…

    PS.: Great Textue gread Robot :)
    PSS.: What did Ton say to Sebastian thad he lookt so Shockt?

  5. Graham Wiebe says:

    Will this workshop video be on the final dvd? Looks Super funny. good work guys. I love the kind of transparency you guys are having with the project so far. it makes me feel like I’m apart of what you are creating.

  6. Wilbor says:

    WTF? Appreciate your work but what the hell was that?

  7. J. says:

    But why such harsh light when they sit at the desk?

  8. hassan yola says:

    you make me feel like it easy to make a scifi movie and that I can also do that however I know that it’s not easy like it seem it’s you guys you’re awesome !
    kjartan and siddi in men in black glass … hahaha!

  9. Le@ndro says:

    I thought those “fast drawn” storyboards where going to be hard to beat when talking about humour, but you nailed them guys!!!

    Already enjoying this film and it hasn’t even started yet!

    Oh, and you changed the header (yes, I noticed… first???).


  10. hassan yola says:

    hey ! but what the hel is that video ? somebody can tell me ?

  11. Gianmichele says:


    2 words… screaming buddies

  12. RandomDude says:

    hahaha…. that must be the worst acting I’ve ever seen!! So much fun.

  13. Forseti says:

    haha, very funny

  14. Dusty says:

    Funny!!!! Can’t wait to see the final! Though you could keep it like that if you like, it made me giggle!!!

  15. TMR says:

    …best. Video. EVER. A bunch of guys yelling “QUIT BLENDERRRR” behind a screen is… wonderful.

  16. Billyh says:

    Wow great, can’t wait to see Mango. Are you guys going to include this on the DVD or release the assets for this test short on the net, just a torrent would be great.

    Go Blender go

  17. Blendiac says:

    Is it just me, or is it funnier for not having any of the special effects yet? Personal favorite: Guys screaming in terror at a completely blank screen,just sitting there and doing nothing.

    Awesome! :D

  18. Retnan says:

    great work. mangos!! :-) Have always wandered how depth of field is implemented in live footage like the video shot above. any pointer to how that is done would be appreciated. by depth of field i mean the zoom that was showcase in about 1 – 10 frames of the video above.

    • Josh says:

      The amount of blur/ depth of field is due to the apature of the lens. A narrow apature like F16 to F22 creates less blurring and allows everyting to be in sharp focus; the wider you go, say F5 to F1.2, creates maximum bluring and a very narrow area which can be in focus at once.

      What you are refering to as “zoom” is actually just a shift in focus – not zoom. It is simply created by changing the focus on the lens from the plane of the penguin to the plane of the actors.

  19. Domy_graphy says:

    WOW…interest….Have a nice work hahaha

  20. NH3D says:

    somebody needs to update the time line page