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David and Ian sotryboarding

David (arrived saturday!) surprised us this morning with a complete storyboard of the first three scenes. It’s A_M_A_Z_I_N_G! Here you see Ian and David going over the shots. It’s so much fun :)

The script in its core (premise) is still the same, but it has been condensed to be more centered on events in future Amsterdam; removing the scene in space with a battle fleet. More you won’t hear from me now :) This week David and Ian get full freedom – just make it awesome! Next week we’ll get real and will start planning.


  1. Tristan says:

    Great. Please give us a small preview about “A_M_A_Z_I_G”!!!

  2. Darkcgi says:

    Video please!

  3. Tadd says:

    Story boarding is when things start feeling really exciting. It’s when you start seeing the story unfold. The script is done, but having images to go with the pictures makes it that much more … charged. You feel like “THIS IS HAPPENING!” .. ok, maybe that’s just how I felt when I was story boarding my graphic novel, but still …

    I’m really excited to see where Mango goes and can’t wait until you all feel ready to show off more stuff!

  4. hassan yola says:

    i am just happy to see Ian and David workink with some funy that’s a good ome for the next month

  5. hassan yola says:

    I am just very happy to see Ian and David working with some funy that’s a good omen for the next month

  6. TweakingKnobs says:

    Aw – freakin’ – some!!!

    keep it up !!!!

  7. David Jordan says:

    This is exciting! Will we get to see any storyboards and how they progress like we saw with the first minute of Sintel? I really enjoyed that.

  8. Jorge says:

    I am excited to see what these guys are doing. I hope that whatever they come up with they actually include it in the final movie. Last time the guys who produced Sintel made some very cool concept art, but in the end, they didn’t include anything. It was so disappointing. I hope these guys don’t make the same mistake.

  9. Psy-Fi says:

    Ian’s stance radiates cooooold! :).

    Nevertheless, if cold can’t mitigate the fun on this it will be great. I love the humorous turn of this open movie.

    • ian says:

      Whew yes! There’s still ice all over some of the canals! And I agree! I think a good balance of humor and drama makes films more fun :)

  10. Nick says:

    you took out the space scene? :(

  11. Blendiac says:

    So, who votes on the Blender Foundation releasing the storyboard images to the dropped space battle scene so the community can have a shot at creating it ourselves? Could be a fun extra to go on the DVD, with no expectation of assistance in any way from the BF. It could also be released later on to protect any story secrets…

    All in favor, say “Yes!” :D

    • Ben says:

      Yes, I think. Someone would have to commit the time to actually organize it, but the basic concept is definitely appealing.

  12. DingTo says:

    “removing the scene in space with a battle fleet.”
    Hm, I would have loved to see such a scene! ;-)

    Great work guys, keep the news coming please. :)

    • ian says:

      Haha, I would have loved to see it too! But the scene really existed only so that we WOULD have a space scene- it did very little for the plot except to spread it out over more area, which in the end meant a lot of the stakes weren’t relevant to the main characters. I hope overall it’s a good change.

      • Harmony says:

        Hi its harmony from nigeria, i think its good we removed the space scene, you know space scenes are normally just black, with galaxy lights and space ships, but when you talk about a feature Amsterdam, we are talking about the feature of a great, mordenized and developed city, now think of the kind of imagination artist are going to bring into it, in Mango project we are going to see the master plan for the new Amsterdam city 2050

  13. ovidiu says:

    great news!
    … apart from “More you won’t hear from me now :)” which is not >:(

  14. jay says:

    Somebody needs to start rendering on the farms to heat up the place! Ian, where are you from, David has his sleeves rolled up haha. I guess that’s why Campbo is staying home this year :)

  15. Socceroos says:

    What the?!?!??!? You *REMOVED* the space scene!?!?!??!?1


  16. Daniel says:

    Maybe you could compromise on the space scene and rather than remove it all together have a few clips of the space battle as news footage on TV’s/screens in the background of the live footage. Then you’ll get to make a space battle, but not worry about the quality with it being in the background as a low quality satellite feed aquired by the news channel.

    Could get a few mock newspapers as well with headlines explaining whats happening else where.

    When you get round to crowd sourcing some content it could be a good opportunity to get some 2D artists involved making posters, magazines, newspapers etc. It’s also the kind of thing that could make a good storyline teaser here.

  17. sendercorp says:

    That is nice to hear .

  18. mahesh0806 says:

    waiting for the real fun…