Open Street Maps import

by - 2012/03/30 14 Comments Development, Production

Campbell Barton ported the OpenStreetMap import script to 2.6 for us !

And it’s now in trunk.

The script loads XML files saved from the OpenStreetMap website ( into Blender (as edges).

This was quite helpful in blocking out the Oude Kerk area for mango (to correctly place the church and the buildings around)

Now, we’re integrating these maps with more detailed infos (necessary for the final models but also for animatic / previz purpose)

The the finer measurements will come from survey or more accurate plans  : city planning maps can be very useful in these situations (especially roads height measures)

We haven’t got those yet but we might be able to get all needed data from tracking (Sebastian is testing that on the ground surfaces  just now)

  1. JaydenB says:

    I was looking for this script when I saw the blog post about it before. I need to use this somewhere!

  2. ctdabomb says:

    where can we get this script(if we can)?

  3. francoisgfx says:

    this is even better to get ideas of scale area for matchmoving !!! great job !

  4. agar agar says:

    These weblog entries are so interesting and enlightening about both detail and general aspects of (pre-)production, I hope there is some thought about publishing it all as a pdf when the project reaches its end. It would make a great reference and inspiration for future projects.

  5. Stuart says:

    That is awesome.

  6. Carsten says:

    Is this like:

    This one helped me a lot (also the main author, thanks!) with a recent project.

    I wonder why you import only edges?


    • Campbell Barton (ideasman42) says:

      A lot more could be imported, so far it seems this is all thats needed for mango, though I realize we could definitely make use of other features eventually.

      note that there have been more then 1 open streetmap importer written for blender 2.4x, this one ended up being easiest to update.

  7. bo de anrr says:

    wow, thats great – I am looking for the next belnder release with landxml and openstreet import
    …………………… shit – I am still waiting

  8. uriel says:

    That is just awesome, i’m working on a 3D map with openLayers…i had some hard time, but this looks promising !!!
    Excellent news !

  9. Lukas says:

    What happened to the script? Where can I find it in the trunk?