First week kick-off, behind the scenes

by - 2012/03/10 15 Comments Production

Tony Mullen wrote:

It’s my last week at the Blender Institute before returning to Tokyo. It also happens to be the start of production on the Blender Institute’s Mango Open Movie project. For the past week, the team has been working on a 5-day project to get their feet wet with working together and with what will become the Mango production pipeline. I’ve basically been keeping out of the way, observing, and taking a little bit of behind-the-scenes video:

For a brand new team doing five days of work it’s very impressive. Add to this the fact that the main Mango project has already been completely storyboarded (in stunning detail) by David Revoy, and I think that Mango is off to an incredibly auspicious start.

(Thanks Tony! Was great having you around here, and see your own short film evolve: That one is going to be awesome too! :)

  1. J. says:

    Blendering and rendering! :P

    Btw, where’s our dear and beloved oversized biscuit tin, the ”JustaCluster”?

  2. revolt_randy says:

    Interesting all the improvisation they did to get the final done on time!!

  3. Gust says:

    Hi amazing Job!
    Did you use Cycles or Internal?

    • Ni:Zu says:

      It’s all internal.

      Mostly because of object masking and other features needed for compositing.(we could have mostly worked-around the issues but no one wanted to take risks given the short time available)

      Also because of the very short time and Cycles being ‘slower'( although it worked well with very limited GI settings in the bridges test, and we’ll have to test/use Cycles more soon)

  4. Darki says:


    Nice job!

    Will you pubish the web based render managemant tool (not sure what it really is) which is shown in the video around 8:20 with Mango?


  5. hassan yola says:

    congratulation guys you didi it ! :-D

  6. J. says:

    It’s looks like the Durian renderfarm manager, which you can find on disc 4 of the DVD set, but AFAIK without any documentation.
    Remember that it’s an in-house tool build for a specific situation, like many CG studios do.

  7. jay says:

    Man you guys are lucky!

    looked like a fun week! What the heck are people (Ton and Sergey)putting together?

  8. Nice glasses. They look some how familiar ;)
    (great short)

  9. Dinokaizer says:

    Hello Mango…. blog people… I loved the short and thought the work was amazing for 5 days work. It was recommended to me to come to this blog with a question in regards to the camera tracker, the specific problem is mentioned in the thread I will link to, but the question mainly relates to tracking shots that move around more than a typical shot (the same principle also sort of applies to pan shots).

  10. vblend says:

    It’s great to follow you day after days, guys…
    I liked all the videos but this one is the most interesting to me. It’s great to see and hear you working (hard !).
    In the making of Sintel, we could see that Ton was sometimes a bit disappointed by the delay that took the project. So I think it was a great exercise !

    Which version of Blender do you use for working ? Is it a Graphicall version, or something modified all along the day by developers ? Have you got the same version for all of you ?

  11. siantoine says:

    I first want to say you’re awesome and the movie you made up in only five days is incredible. I can’t beleve you got a so good result so fast.
    But I got one question. I already saw it on your Durian Project but there were too much trafic on the site to get an answer so here it is back again : How is the Renderfarm setted up ? I tried network rendering one day with all my computers, but I’ve never been able to get something working. Could we have a tutorial in the DVD or something like that, or maybe a package on the Canonical Deposit for setting “automatically” up a ubuntu server ? I don’t want to give you too much work, but I think this would be so helpful for many peoples using Blender.

  12. Paul Gideon Dann says:

    Hi guys,

    Great work! Is your renderfarm room really 40°, though? If so, I’m worried. A server room shouldn’t even get to 30°, or you’re running the risk of shortening the life of your machines. We don’t want any unexpected breakdowns on the evening before Mango is released!

    All the best.