Dick Maas going Blender!

by - 2012/04/02 13 Comments Production

Rob Tuytel invited the famous Dutch film maker Dick Maas to check on our work. He immediately accepted! This morning he showed up and spent an hour with us. He saw the full animatic and storyboards (“You should add more wide shots” – duly noted) and had a short demo from the artists (“Is all of that Blender? Amazing!”). I then spent some time with him on production stuff in general, how to organize & finance features efficiently here. I noticed he’d be very interested to direct a 3d animation film once!

He left with a huge pile of Blender training DVDs, we’ll be hearing more of him I bet :)

  1. JG Loquet says:

    Excellent !!

    More Blender fame :)

  2. tristan says:

    So he will make “Blender Forever” instead of “Flodder Forever”

  3. J. says:

    The smile on Ton’s face… Priceless!

    It’s great to see that Dick Maas is enthusiastic about Blender. (btw, he does his own animatics for his films!)

  4. Danny says:

    How great is that: Mango project with help from Dick Maas and Dick Maas doing a animation with Blender! This sounds goood!

  5. LetterRip says:

    Yes what you will likely be hearing more of from him is ‘none the training in these DVDs matches the interface of the current blender version’ :)

  6. Big Fan says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen Ton with relaxed smile before. Always i remember he looks stressed and grumpy in photos I guess from responsibilities of being big boss of Blender projects.
    I hope Dick Mass becomes involved in a future Blender movie. :)

  7. blendercomp says:

    maybe you could sign him for the next BF project! :)

  8. grebnek says:

    oh no, as far as i remember he did “Flodders” ;)

  9. Viktor says:

    Please … Dick Maas!? Honestly, couldn’t you have invited Paul Verhoeven? (And Rutger Hauer and Carice van Houten?) :-(

    • Abel says:

      … Dick Maas = cool, and more of a VFX guy that would be interested in Blender then the others you’ve mentioned…