Tears of Steel – download & watch

by - 2012/09/26 267 Comments Production

It’s out! Watch it on youtube now, or download it later… links to downloads will appear in this post once mirrors have been synced. Torrents will also appear. Have fun! :) We’re happy!

Download mirrors, all files:
Kino3d.org – Italy      NLUUG – Netherlands     RWTH-Aachen – Germany    University Bayreuth – Germany    Arcagenis – France

Download all original PNG files at xiph.org   and here are the stereo and 5.1 AIFF soundtracks.

Update: the first .webm version (full open source encoded images.sound) is available. Much better quality than the .mkv files!
Download the 1080p .webm as a torrent.

At BlenderArtists is a project to review or submit new subtitles.

  1. S J Bennett says:

    This has been such an awesome project to follow along with. A great little short movie at the end of it all is the best ending possible. Thanks so much to all of you!

  2. Emir says:

    Watched it a lot of times. Loved the bit after credits.

  3. Rork says:

    A great job once again, it’s impressive what a small group of people with great software and support can accomplish. Thank you very much for another open movie.

  4. torrents says:

    Please post torrent links, so we can watch it in the highest quality ;-)

  5. Mathias says:

    Like always, the picture quality of the encode (the download) is pretty average. I wonder if I will live the day that a movie gets released with good picture quality. When will the uncompressed source images be available?
    Still awesome to see this one finished. Thanks a lot for the work.

    • jack carter says:

      mathias, you are a jerk, i am so sorry that what they put out was not good enough for your exacting high standards, you miss the point dude

    • joeri says:

      As always this is an open project where all frames will be released in uncompressed format.
      As always all the files to do a re-render will be available on the dvd.

      As always there will be jerks using a blender project to display their own imaginary superiority towards others. Shame.

  6. ctdabomb says:

    Thanks so much! its real interesting

  7. Sylvanus Kwesi P. Dadzie says:

    This is a game-changer. This proves that you don’t need expensive software to make a top-flight FX movie. The effects are amazing. The movie made its point. Blender is ready for serious commercial use.

  8. JulianHzg says:

    Thank you all for a wonderful short film. And for great blog posts all along the way, it was a joy to follow.

  9. it just looks great! I love the HUD elements, and cycles … shaaait it looks good the larger scenes and bots :)

  10. David Jordan says:

    Brilliant! I’ve really enjoyed following such an amazing project. Seeing the filmmaking process in action has been such a great experience. Being able to follow along knowing that I had a small hand in making it happen alone made it worth the price of admission, and then you added so many worthwhile capabilities to Blender in the process, doubly worth it.
    And then, and then! You made such a wonderful film, great production values, truly first rate visual effects, and a delightful story.
    I applaud you all and thank the community that sponsored this production!

  11. pitthepro says:

    Thanks for the effort
    I am sure it is a delight to watch in times where most movies are made for profit only!

  12. Lace says:

    Fan-flipping-tastic. To everyone who worked tirelessly on the project, and everyone at the Blender Foundation, I tip my hat to you. You continue to inspire me, not to mention the constant world rockage!

  13. Gustav Nilsson says:

    Waiting for the torrent, and I hope a super quality version will be available! :D No less than Blu-Ray bitrate thank you! Your awesome work needs to be made justice; shown the way it was meant :)

  14. amine says:

    following the movie’s updates since the first day you’ve announced it : I can honestly say you guys ,nailed it… And the more to this amazing production ,is that it was made with the very program, I enjoy using everyday! besides, acting was good, especially the old man which travels through time… With all that been said, I think that you’ve well deserved every penny that supporters donated ! long life blender :) !

  15. joostbouwer says:

    Thanks guys! It’s great!

  16. Diego Viola says:

    Torrent please.

  17. Ralf Diel says:


    i followed these production from the very beginning, and now it’s done.

    The developing of the software itself till it’s a kind of ‘swiss Knife’ put in about 60mb including tracking tools video editor and much more.

    And participate in the process of making a ( haha ) 3 min movie.

    So you people was part of my live for a year.
    I feel kind of sad, because i know that i have a little ( no )chance to be part of something like this.

    From the scratch, in a team of creative people.

    Making a movie !

    I would explode of proudness…..

    ( Ich würde vor Stolz explodieren ).

    Very well done, seen it twice on the pc and later a third time with my wife.

    Congatulations for you all,

    thank you

  18. William Harel says:

    I am super excited, please post the torrents :p

  19. Mykola says:

    Damn! Watched it about five times before discovered the aftertitles final scene!

    I really loved it!

    1. Solid acting. Everybody is near perfect but the Techhead & Celia (they could do better).
    2. Environment design and its rendered results are quite great.
    3. Robots animations are not very pleasing.
    4. Dynamic scenes are the weakest part.

    Liked the story and the whole charmy sci-fi style Hubert (& team) had achieved.

    • D says:

      Not Celia! The actress was perfect! And with the best crazy eyes I’ve ever seen! I would totally believe she’d create a robot army to destroy the world!

      • Mykola says:

        Her close shots were convincing, but her emotional talking logn shots on the bridge was quite cheesy. Still it was way better than Techheads acting. He showed very solid performance on youtube audition but i guess he lost it in front of the real camera.

        Again, TOS did its job (proved that blender is ready for serious vfx jobs) 100%. And my criticism is like i didnt knew anything about blender and this movie’s creation process but just saw it as an arbitrary unbiased spectator.

  20. Pete Robie says:

    Really enjoyed watching the premiere with all the folks at the Blender Institute and all the laughs as Ton almost gave up the login credentials… LOL! Incredible job guys and it almost looked like some references were used from ‘The Creature Factory’ on the final 10 seconds of the film. ;) Can’t wait for the next project and getting ready to order the DVD very soon.

    Thanks again!
    Pete Robie
    Dallas, TX

  21. Mikhail Kolybaba says:

    Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard on this and did such an amazing job! It really shows just how much a dedicated group of creative people can accomplish if they work together.

    Although the finished film is a huge accomplishment, I believe that the most valuable part of these open films is their potential to be used as learning resources for aspiring filmmakers. All of the blog posts, set time-lapse clips, interviews, and bonus material on the DVDs (of which there is plenty – http://youtu.be/YYGWIek3jBE) is a huge pool of learning material (and inspiration!) for all sorts of people.

    Mango is finished, and now I’m looking forward to Gooseberry!

  22. Congratulations to the team ! We were never disappointed watching your brilliant work.

    Nos attendons les commentaires de la communauté Francophone sur la page que nous avons réservée à Tears of Steel: http://blenderattitude.com/tears-of-steel-4eme-court-metrage-open-source-de-la-fondation-blender/

    Le Magazine de la Création 3D avec Blender

  23. J. says:

    Great to watch it again!

    But the YouTube version has a problem with the black levels!
    You’re supposed to put the 0-255 range into 16-235, but you didn’t , so the image looks a bit washed out!
    Look at the opening titles, the black isn’t black compared to the black borders.

  24. PhysicsGuy says:

    The new eyepiece looks great! I think we’ll watch it at work on Friday.

  25. Jvai says:

    SUper well done! best to watch many times! The whole atmosphere is different of what you see in commercial movies , but beter , more suprising! And also great music that matches it all. Thanks!

  26. Brad says:

    As expected;
    Beautiful,beautiful , beautiful
    Great job

  27. Man-Go says:

    303 views but 765 like, see the enthousiasm!!! :)

    Congratulations Team!!! it’s really well done!

    YES, YES, YES!!!

    *and I’m certainly not what we call a fanboy, usally!

  28. Milad Thaha says:

    Seriously mind blowingly awesome! I really can’t critique on anything that you guys don’t know about already- my only quip would be that the movie is not immediately readable. My first viewing was like “What? Already?”.

    But it was still beautifully done, and I could feel the tension between Tom and Celia. And Old Tom, he could use an Oscar :D Was the best of the cast :D

    Techinally, I’m not going to comment on anything cause we all know how hard it is to pull off something like this; just plain wonderful is all I have to say. I bow my heads to all you who worked on this game-changing wonder :)

    In short, the wait has been completely worth it!

    • PhysicsGuy says:

      Well, Derek de Lint is an extremely experienced Dutch actor, who also has quite an international track record. And in fact, he played the lead role in the classic Dutch movie “De aanslag”, which won the Oscar for best foreign movie in 1987. So yeah, he is in fact Oscar material!

  29. PHD says:

    Just brilliant guys. Really glad to see that this film was not only awesome, but proved it’s point.

    A pat on the back and a tip of the hat from me!

  30. Jogai says:

    This is pretty freaky..

  31. Congratulations to that incredible piece of art. Amazing and technically advanced!!!!

    Slowly, I am thinking about the relationship to my computer. Maybe it is too intense too. ;)

  32. LswaN says:

    Congratulations to the entire team on pulling this off. It’s been fun to watch this project’s progression through the last several months. Can’t wait to check out the DVD!

  33. Jules says:

    The film is awesome!
    You should sell the mango juice boxes in the blender store :D

  34. amine says:

    English subtitles ?

  35. slangkamp says:

    Amazing work.

    The only thing that bothered me a bit was the grenade drop. Barley drops half a dozen grenades down into the church. Nothing happens, no damage on the ground even though the next grenade tears appart the organ.

  36. torrents says:

    Thanks for the torrent!

  37. [...] Creatieve Commons 3.0 Attribution.Ça dure 12 minutes, et vous allez kiffer…Les liens vers les torrents MKV…etc sont ici.Merci à Adrian pour le partageVous avez aimé cet article ? Alors partagez-le avec vos amis en [...]

  38. Guido says:

    Absolutely fantastic, guys!

    I’m a little bit sad now. I followed the project from the very first post until the live-online-premiere this evening. Now this exciting months are over for a while. But I hope, not too long, that the Blender Institute will start its next amazing project soon!:-)

    As an electronic music producer I am also very impressed of the overall audio (especially the soundtrack)! Amazing, too!

    Keep up this brilliant blender development, teaching (tutorials) and in particular making great open movies!

  39. AbidingDude says:

    I love it! I’ve been following since before preproduction started and sponsored early on. Fantastic work, Team Mango!!! The VFX is really very good looking. I’m very excited to receive the DVD box, hopefully soon.

  40. articx says:

    Download all the subtitles here:

    Converted thanks to Google2SRT ;-)

  41. ton says:

    Thanks for all the compliments! :)
    People still work here on getting the dvd masters done. In the meantime all png files, sound tracks, and a lot more will get shared here. Give us a few days.

  42. BernAr says:

    congrats to everyone involved and specially to Ton. Cant’ wait to get the DVD :-)

  43. sortvik says:

    I like technicial side of the movie but writing wasn’t there. Sintel has a simple story as well as not much words but it was wrapped up very good.
    Also I didn’t get the point of the bunch of grenades that were thrown down for clearing up the path but did nothing. Were those made with 3DMax ?) You should’ve sign them ;)

  44. Drew Vogel says:

    Perhaps my greatest enjoyment of this (so far) has been the PROCESS itself… I enjoyed the updates from the team and watching, amazed, at how Blender enables so many aspects of production. As I type this, the movie is 33% downloaded, so I haven’t seen it yet.

    I love that Blender does these projects, and that we (the audience) get to peek behind-the-curtain. Please, Blender, continue producing these!

  45. Phenomenon says:

    Is it me or does that explosion look very very realistic. You guys have taken Blender to a new level. All my friends must see this.

  46. blendercomp says:

    Awesome! :)
    Many thanx to all Mango team artists and developers for making such a movie and for bringing so many new goodies to Blender.
    The visual quality of all shots is stunning! :)
    It has surely exceeded my expectations!!!!!!
    Can’t wait for the DVD and yeah, why not, for the next BF project!

  47. MxD says:

    Very well done ! Interesting story, exciting and stressfull ! Impressive special SF effects, great actors too – and good sound ! Congratulations guys ! A new milestone in Blender’s history ! :)

  48. guest says:

    Didn’t quite follow it.

    • Weasel says:

      Since nobody else is mentioning it, I blame it on my obviously limited intelligence, but truthfully I don’t get the story either. This feels like an introduction to a much larger story, but as it is now, it just makes very little sense to me (maybe too big a story for this limited time available?).
      Technically I applaud the Blender-team, but story wise I found it very lacking.

      • PhysicsGuy says:

        Indeed, what we see is a very small part of a much larger story. Many short stories of course have this structure. They leave you wondering what the writer meant, or they leave you completely baffled. I’m not a writer, but I think this is somehow a way of writers to practice with big concepts in their writing, without having to actually work out the whole background. In the end it’s a matter of taste. I actually enjoy the story a lot and I really like the acting, particularly of Old Tom and the Captain.

  49. [...] Vous pouvez retrouver les liens de téléchargement sur la page suivante : http://mango.blender.org/production/tears-of-steel-download-watch/ [...]

  50. Emu says:

    Czech subtitles: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/User:Addam/Tears_of_Steel_Czech_Subtitles
    Zatím jen jako wiki stránka. Pokud k mému překladu nebudou zásadní výhrady, později to dám ke stažení nějak líp.

  51. varomix says:

    something is really wrong with YouTube, stuck at 303 views but there’s almost 2000 likes

    something is really wrong there hehehe

  52. Mathias says:

    For everyone looking for a better Quality version, I made this one from the mov (h264) and the mkv (aac):
    http://pastebin.com/v01hLkMR (magnet link)
    http://www.multiupload.nl/75CC6L7RD7 (torrent file)
    I’m currently uploading the complete file there too, but I need some sleep now.

  53. Adriano says:


    Congratulations from Brazil.

  54. Marcelo says:

    Spectacular, both the open process and the result!! My only disappointment in the final version was not having a cameo by Ton itself! Or maybe he is still hidden somewhere??? :-)

  55. William Harel says:

    Absolutely awesome !
    The movie is really great, good actors, good fx, good sound.

    It was really a joy to follow you along this journey on this blog.
    Every morning I was so happy to check my RSS reader to see if you posted a news, and seeing it evolving was so wonderful.

    Now that it’s over I feel kinda depressed :)
    but to comfort me I remember that there are still the DVDs with lots of data to play with. And that next there is Gooseberry for even more adventures !

    Congratulations for all you have done !

    I’m looking forward to pre-buy the next project’s DVD :D

  56. José Fernández says:

    Cada dia Blender es mas grande. Gracias a todos por hacer que sea posible.

  57. Promis says:

    Congratulations for finishing the movie. It is not that great, but it doesn’t matter. Sometimes acting is off, sometimes compositing etc.

    I want to thank all developers for codeing Blender and makeing a wonderfull tool. It is a shining star of FLOSS.

    And also to thank Ton for being a great project leader.

    Please all, keep on the good work.

    Thanks once more.

  58. Big Fan says:

    Just watched the YouTube and honestly I was impressed with the way it turned out.
    Congratulations. Well done everyone :) Looking forward to seeing it in 720p.
    Definitely the best Blender movie yet.

    • Big Fan says:

      So now I have viewed it in 720p with the sound routed through my stereo and it was indeed AWESOME! A bigger resolution improves the experience. Love to see it in a full 4k ;)
      Really I dont know what the complaints are about. Some people just cant be pleased no matter what I guess.
      I thought it was a solid and well balanced effort. The crew should be proud of the result. This project got off to a flying start and delivered despite the difficulties as far as I am concerned. Music/sound was great, titles/graphics were great, colour grading/compositing was great, etc etc.
      I thought it was entertaining and engaging. It has little bits of this and that were skillfully woven together that you can appreciate over multiple viewings. The story/action carried along well and everything cg blended well with the filmed content.
      In hindsight some things might have been done a little better here and there but considering the constraints I think it worked very well. I wasnt distracted by them nor found anything grating. 12 mins flew by and I had a good time. Classic popcorn munching stuff. As I said before, for me the best Blender movie project yet.
      Take a well deserved bow :)

  59. Anonymous Howard says:

    The close-up of the fire from the rocket engine at the start of the movie looks cartoonish. Realistic CGI fire is of course one of the most difficult movie effects to achieve, but used as the opening sequence of a “live-action” movie, the cartoonish flame appears quite jarring. Initially I thought it was some sort of animated logo, similar to the hopping lamp shown at the start of every Pixar movie.

    • Lyle Walsh says:

      I might be wrong, but it looks to me like the engine firing is right from NASA archives. Yup, doesn’t look “real” there either.

    • PhysicsGuy says:

      Actually, liquid fuel rockets do look like that. There is no flame, because the combustion is completely perfect. You might be confusing it with the look of a solid fuel rocket, which has very dirty and smoky combustion.

  60. Diego Viola says:

    Amazing, congrats Blender Team!

  61. Anonymous Howard says:

    Okay, I’ve now watched the short movie in full. My initial impression: it’s very much anime-inspired, especially that bit about love saving the day, the Power of Love or, as the Japanese might say, “ai no chikara” (愛の力). The SFX, while not quite up to the cinematographic standards of a big-budget Hollywood movie, is broadcast TV quality. It helps that the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously. Blender as a SFX tool might have a place in comic sci-fi movies where drop-jaw realism isn’t necessary or even desirable.

  62. taniwha says:

    For those that don’t get the story, here’s my take on it: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

  63. GREAT !!! This movie soooo very very very cool!! I have think how the story will be because there’re no spoiler except some production clips on the blog. But I satisfied enough with the result!!! Blender get mature now… even compared with standard commercial proprietary software used in Hollywood movies.
    I think after Tears of Steel there’re no more thing to show in animation technology… may be improvement in simulation or game engine… Game engine still need many many improvement…. as screen rendering optimization, terrain system etc….
    After all this is so GREAT !!! I like it so much!! :D
    So, what next?

  64. alwadhani says:

    “There is a lesson to learned from this” ;)

    Loved it all, WELL DONE this was much more than what i thought WELL DONE AGAIN.

  65. Benoit R says:

    Congrats guys !
    awesome job.
    Blender has made such a step forward: this is one of the nicest opensource project that i have seen, thanks to the people around it !
    You guys rock !!

  66. Ciriaco says:

    Congratulations, Great job


  67. BN says:

    Any chance to put this on Vimeo? Youtube has been working awfully bad for me lately.

    • Emu says:

      I’m just guessing, but — doesn’t seem probable as Google is the premium sponsor.

      • ton says:

        I hate to have to say this… but Blender Foundation avoids using Vimeo. Vimeo wants BF to pay – we have too much content and traffic. At youtube we have an unlimited ad-free account.

        There’s basically not much difference anymore though; vimeo quality and youtube are mostly same.

        • Sorry Ton, but there’s actually quite a difference between the video quality on Vimeo and YouTube :P I have an account on both, and the Vimeo version of my (admittedly rather crappy) videos always looks better. I’m not the only one who’s noticed either, in fact I looked it up: http://eugenia.queru.com/2010/12/21/video-quality-vimeo-vs-youtube/

          However, that being said I can totally understand about the paid-accounts aspect :) YouTube also has the advantage of being incredibly well-known, so I guess that’s one of the trade-offs…

          In any case, I just wanted to offer my 2 cents :)

        • Emu says:

          Oh, sorry. That makes sense, I just didn’t know they limit the bandwidth.

          Vimeo make a more artistic impression, but don’t offer WebM streaming and their Flash player always crashes on my computer, so… I perhaps prefer youtube as well.

        • BN says:

          My issue is not quality, but loading issues. I guess I’ll have to deal with it. Thanks for the reply though.

  68. JG LOQUET says:

    Excellent work guys, congrats !

    Blender’s in orbit now .. awesome in space ;)

    Once again I’d like to thank the Blender Foundation, and the Blender devs and community for maintaining such a great tool and making it available to just everyone.


  69. horace says:

    awesome! :)

    i like the story and the stuff done with blender.

    the end credits are done very well too! :)

    (wow, they would so burn their hands sliding down the rope! :p)

  70. Mohammad ali says:

    Yes, congratulations to Team Mango
    great, But there are some scenes were shortcomings or wrote a better story.
    Anyway mango is a successful experience for the Blender project.
    Thanks very much.

  71. Toufiq says:

    Very nice initiative, If some1 gives a torrent link, i will help by seeding.

  72. Sorrow says:

    Congratulations to Tea

    • Rabin says:

      LOVE IT!!!!!! Beautiful pictures of a bautuifel couple. Nick and Lee you guys did an AMAZING job and were so much fun. Thanks for allowing all of us to be ourselves and capturing everyone’s personalities. I have never had so much fun getting pictures taken. Christie you’re my girl and I love you to pieces. Matt you are okay too just kidding love ya!

  73. I praise Tears of Steel and all the work every single person involved on it did. It shows up how hard every single task was and that everyone delivered what was required.

    I liked the story and found the jokes fun. There wasn’t a thing that made me thought about the special effects or even that most of the stuff was digital made, the immersion on the world was rock solid.

    The only downside I would say that would be the lack of emotional content… it doesn’t make the viewer feel much anger, sorrow, happiness, sadness, etc. There are some sporadic moments that are there but on some others comes a bit short. But note that this compared to “The Lion King” movie :)

    Tears of Steel is a good short movie! Like it allot! Congratulations!

  74. [...] Les liens vers les torrents MKV…etc sont ici. [...]

  75. [...] E’ possibile vederlo su YouTube e scaricarlo (anche a 1080p) tramite alcuni mirror o via torrent (download). [...]

  76. [...] Blender анонсировал завершение работы над свободным фильмом “Tears of [...]

  77. joeri says:

    So I guess he didn’t became awsome in space…

    Well done guys.

  78. Gagarou says:

    Great movie! Can’t wait for the production pipeline, tutorial, and resources :)

    Congratulation to the mango team!

  79. Andy says:

    Congrats guys – the fruits of months of hard work. Really looking forward to tutorials and workflow info around the project as well as obviously the new features within Blender. Thank you.

  80. ধন্যবাদ
    আবারো দেখিয়ে দিলো আমরা পারি …..

  81. [...] em FullHD diretamente do Youtube mesmo. Além da versão no Youtube, você ainda pode fazer o download do filme em formatos MKV e MOV diretamente do site do projeto. Os arquivos fontes ainda não estão disponíveis para download, [...]

  82. Rimas says:

    Full feature, please!!!!!!! :D

    P.S. Thanks, guys for a really amazing short. :)

  83. PickleJones says:

    Great! Very entertaining exciting and funny. Loved the ending, so ambiguous. Can’t wait for the source files to start learning some new tricks.

  84. ton says:

    Here’s a sneak peek of the dvd menu (dvd 01).

    It’s totally worth the investment!

  85. funlw65 says:

    Yes, Blender is capable. That is all what it matters. Go team, go!

  86. Tuomas says:

    It’s kind of difficult to look at it and not consider everything I’ve seen of the production earlier, and I’m sure it looks different from a non-blender-users/long time follower perspective. There’s quite a bit of things that don’t look quite convincing enough (e.g. lightning doesn’t quite match in the night scenes, obviously the real footage was a new thing in the pipeline), and would probably have been better with more time and resources (what doesn’t?), but overall very good job.

    The scenes in the dome and the holographs were simply awesome!

  87. nille says:

    In the Torrent Files are only UDP Tracker urls. Many older Clients cant use them.

  88. [...] you can watch Tears of Steel online via YouTube, download and torrent links will be provided soon, when mirrors have been synced. A DVD release is planned with a lot of additional features, e.g. [...]

  89. Incredible work, congrats to the team and to the BF! :D I’ve watched it 3 or 4 times now, and although (as I’m guessing you all know) a few elements were a bit weaker than others (a few lines here and there, a few composites), the overall project has left me jaw-dropped. Not to mention everything was created in one program, it’s still mind-blowing. In any case, I’m eagerly awaiting my DVDs :D

    Thanks again to everyone involved (crew, actors, community, etc) for making this awesomeness possible!

    P.S. Blender ROCKS. And yes, I’m saying this as non-fanboyish-ly as I can ;)

  90. Paulo José says:

    Brazilian Portuguese Subtitles – Legendas em Português do Brasil

  91. Teddl says:

    Congratulations to all Blender Artists who made this possible!

    I must say, I haven’t seen a Hologram this good for a long time. Just perfect.
    Better than the ones in Sanctuary. Better than those in Star Trek Next Generation.
    Thank you.

  92. Lyle Walsh says:

    My first thought sums it up: “wait, its OVER?!! No there must be more, don’t stop”

  93. Anonymous Coward says:

    Please make a 1080p file encoded in H.264 with libx264 (VideoLAN) and MKV container.

  94. Diego Viola says:

    The story in this short-film kind of reminded me to this concept:


    Does it have any relation?

  95. Maxi says:

    Will you release the movie in 4k resolution? Not the PNG version, a real PC-playable MKV as torrent. This would be awesome! =)

  96. Dusty says:

    Congrats to all guys! Took a while for me to get a quiet moment to watch and truly appreciate this.

    Simply put, the VFX as a proof of concept are stunning.

    The music was also amazing.

    The actors brought that typical Dutch humour while keeping the storyline going.

    I admit when the end came I was waiting for more, but hey, it’s a small proof of concept film so I guess we get what we get in this case.

    But I now, for the first time, see blender totally capable of making a full feature film with real life actors in it.

    In other words, I would say this is mission complete!

    Well done to all the team!!!

  97. http://archive.org/details/Tears-of-Steel is another mirror of the 1080p and 720p MKV files. I’ll update this with more files as there are more files to mirror.

    As with all archive.org data, there are HTTP downloads, HTTPS downloads, and Bittorrents seeded by archive.org. Download managers welcome. If the site doesn’t immediately post the .torrent file, check out the HTTPS directory for the .torrent file.

  98. [...] фантастический фильм Tears of Steel Проект Blender анонсировал завершение работы над свободным фильмом «Tears of [...]

  99. [...] “Tears of Steel” gemacht mit meiner liebsten 3D Software [...]

  100. PhysicsGuy says:

    Watching ToS for the 6th time. Just noticed the fact that the newspaper is called “de Amsterdamned”. Nice reference.

  101. wulan_kz says:

    Congratulations!!! Finally i didn’t collect the money to buy it, well, anyway ,i will support you all the time !

  102. Jeroen Mank says:

    Nice job, Team! That was a pre-sale well spent. Looking forward to the DVD.
    Seeing Dr. L. de Jong there in the background really made me laugh. Nice touch.

    • Marcelo says:

      I didn’t get it…. Care to explain that reference, please?

      • Jeroen Mank says:

        When ‘old Thom’ enters the room/command center you can see a row of books behind. The first one is red with white letters reading Dr. L. de Jong. and then in black the title. This title is: Het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden in de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Translated: The Kingdom of The Netherlands during the Second World War. It’s a 14 volume history of The Netherlands during WWII. Even though a lot of it has been corrected since then, it’s still more or less the standard work about this subject.

  103. adel says:

    congratus!! you are the heros i worship ,mango team !!

  104. [...] Blender izziņojis darbu pabeigšanu pie brīvās filmas “Tears of Steel“, kas veidota pēdējā gada [...]

  105. [...] Tears of Steel – download & watch It’s out! Watch it on youtube now, or download it later… links to downloads will appear in this post once mirrors have been synced. Torrents will also appear. Have fun! We’re happy! [...]

  106. [...] & Ton Roosendaal, Escrito e dirigido por Ian Hubert e pode ser visto acima pelo youtube, baixado no site oficial ou caso preferir compre o Pacote com 4 dvds cheio de extras sobre as filmagens, produção e tudo [...]

  107. Ernesto says:

    Hello, boys.
    So, it was an action, post-apocalyptic, psicological movie.
    Was amazing. Good Job!.
    Don’t left behind your freaking-arm girlfriend by going to space. You will regret…

  108. [...] Blender Foundation has released “Tears of Steel,” the short film produced during its Mango open movie project. As with [...]

  109. Neo2001 says:

    I’ve downloaded both versions (mkv 720p and 1080p) from torrent links – the audio is stereo (checked in MediaInfo) instead of 5.1. Will you release 5.1 version?

  110. blenderfan says:

    Absolutely awesome result!
    I’ve just watched the movie five times, and there is still so much detail to discover… I think you can watch this movie 100 times without getting bored – looking forward to the DVD!
    I’m really happy that Blenders vfx abilities did so much evolve during this project, I think that’s the right direction for Blender.

    PS: so far only spotted one small glich: In 9:24-9:34 there seems to be something wrong with the alpha channel of the leaves (in the door and in front of the robot), semi-transparent polys are visible around them. However propably to late to fix this before the DVDs get printed.

  111. Marcelo says:

    I had lots of fun looking for Easter eggs in the short, and have found several amusing things. To not spoil the pleasure for others, I will only mention them, in no specific order.

    - Linux book
    - Thom mini-biography
    - Nyan Cat
    - Two space medals
    - Mango Project logo in a diagram
    - Bonus mango juice boxes for Barley
    - Robot graffiti
    - Visual reference to the “Quit Blender” short film
    - and a photo of Ton with a rifle (maybe?)

    BTW, some were only visible in the final graded PNG frames that are already online!

    Extra thanks to the crew for such post-viewing entertainment!!!

    • nlin says:

      There are also a few amusing bits on the newspaper front page that can be read. Looks like random excerpts from the Blender documentation. :)

  112. Eva says:

    No h264 via torrent? Try this:
    http://pastebin.com/6NDaryrV (1080p mov magnet link)

  113. [...] Blender анонсировал завершение работы над свободным фильмом «Tears of [...]

  114. nlin says:

    Ton and Mango Team,

    Congratulations on the movie release! I’m blown away by the visual quality of the production and will be watching it a few more times to appreciate the effort that went into every shot. Great work!

  115. Adam says:

    Seriously, Guys!
    Each of your new film is worse than the previous one.
    You have good graphics, sound and special effects.
    But the ideas of your films…
    I understand that you do not have money for professional scenarists, but if you are poor to good ideas, then at least to ask the community for advices, what and how need to do.

  116. [...] sorti sous licence Creative Commons 3.0 et peu donc être télécharger gratuitement sur le site Tears of Steel en HD au format mkv ou mov. Voici également le lien pour les sous titres. Partagez cet article [...]

  117. _ says:

    Something is wrong with the 720p mkv torrent. I am stuck at about 380 of 382.5M, and every time the client tries to complete the download, the downloaded pieces are marked as corrupted and redownloaded. Over 130M of corrupt data downloaded already. Transmission 2.61 (13407)

  118. yep says:

    me too (transmission 2.5.1), 1,36 GB corrupt downloaded already :( whats up with that?

  119. Alex scott says:

    as an ICT teacher trained in CGI @ Bournemouth Uni, I have to be honest – I am conistently blown away by the stunning quality and ambition of the team at Blender.org

    Kids see what can be accomplished and it sets them on fire. Add to that Blender is free, and now having proved the commercial value value of it as a piece of animation software (Big Buck Bunny) after the breathaking shots from Elephants Dream, and then deciding it needs a Game Engine with Yo Frankie – simply stunning.

    Consistently the software provided here will change the future, the one feature that consistently blows me away as an autodesk user … the 25 meg download. amazing, keep it up folks… and thank you.

  120. Hellton says:

    One word: Awesome!

    And some more Words: :>
    A excellent shortfilm which shows the power of Blender and all involved artist, actors, developers, directors… all have done a awesome great job. As in all the other Blender Open Movie Projects, its amazing how much plot can be put in a such short film.

    A special thanks to Ton at this point, what he and his team does inspires people all over the world!

  121. Henrik says:

    I love the new movie!! xD

    thanks so much for being awesome on earth, I never regret supporting you and am eagerly awaiting the 5th now!! (2 long years =’(()

    The cgi was amazing, the actors from mostly good to extraordinary (the beginning at the bridge was a bit wooden, mostly from the guys side imo, but he did quite okay playing his older younger version in the end. Celia was just amazing and beautiful, and I’d date her with or without robot hand, anytime. human hands down! :D

    A few letdowns are always there, for example the thrust of the rockets in the beginning looked so cheap compared to the overall complexity of animation everywhere else, or the story was a little bit too hard to follow for me at times, but it gets a little clearer after I’ve watched it more often. (though: questions remain :D)

    But the biggest letdown for me was (emotionally) the hidden sequence at the very end. (spoilers ahead!) It should have been robot-celia and her old boyfriend back together, sitting somewhere romantic, on the roofs or the canal, watching the sunset, arm in arm or something. So that would have been quite funny and cute as well, showing that love knows no boundaries. But showing the super-assassin chilling out on a pile of dead celias, though, after she already came to sense and rediscovered her heart (what was the hack for anyway?) was a bit too disturbing for me. It’s not a bad sequence and he was overall very convincing and charismatic, and maybe this soothes all the tough people who cried buckets at Sintel (I know I did), but it just was a bit “too soon” for me :P because it feels like, to me, in the end, the message rather salutes victory in war than love. but maybe I’m wrong =)

  122. Tuomas says:

    At 2:37 [1], the rope was too short, hanging in the air and then few secs later when he landed, there was rope more than enough, amazing trick.. but otherwise, great work!! =).

    [1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=R6MlUcmOul8#t=157s

    • Marcelo says:

      Not really. In the descent scene, the end of the rope is obscured by a dark object, which is difficult to see. It is the church’s pulpit; if you look closely in high definition you can see it there.

  123. [...] can go here to download the film, Tears of Steel, or watch the streaming version [...]

  124. Neo2001 says:

    All previous free films contain 5.1 sound, why does “Tears of Steel” is only in Stereo?

  125. trog says:

    Nice one guys!

    We have some mirrors here in Australia of the MOV and WEBM versions – please feel free to use these to help spread the love!


  126. Nick P says:

    I love the quality of webm files.
    And I don’t care what anyone says. THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME!!!

  127. captainkirk says:

    The movie was good until the end when it isn’t shown what happens to anyone. They’ve apparently accomplished their goal, so why are the robots still charging? Were they attacking or just coming for a group hug (poor Thom)? And then with the post-credits scene, why are all the robots suddenly dead? I doubt that Barley had enough ammo to get them all.
    The artwork was amazing, but I think that the lack of a satisfying ending spoils it for me.

  128. I would love to say that I enjoyed the film but unfortunately it fell far short of my expectations. Unlike elephants dream which was meant to be abstract, TOS feels like a film which was meant to have a strong story but the final result just doesn’t have any consistency. What is the back story on the girl? What really caused the fall out? How is she able to take over the planet? At what point did she turn into the robot dog? As the commenter above points out, what happens to anyone?

    As a technical demonstration it’s fantastic, the graphic quality is fantastic and merges in with the live action very well. The animation is mostly good but does feel quite blockly in places.

    As a film, the story is just so lacking…

  129. ton says:

    If you look at each of the films I produced (BBB ED Sintel ToS) you can also see the signature of a director and a team. Each time they worked very hard on something satisfying their demands on every aspect of film quality, including script and storytelling. It was my role to challenge them, pushing quality during the entire production stage. But also to define moments to let it go, giving creativity a chance to materialize.

    Also for ToS a similar thorough process was setup. We (director, producer, the team) have been carefully going over the story and script. What you see is what we wanted to make together, and what we wanted to share with an audience.

    Like any form of art, for ‘story’ there’s a lot of ways to tackle and realize it too. I even agree that ToS has its inconsistencies and disruptive moments, weirdo steps, strange events and open ends.
    But that’s also something I’ve learned to appreciate over time. Working with an original & creative talent like Ian Hubert I often felt like a conservative old fart… he’s been teaching me a lot! If Ian’s in the opportunity to keep working this way – further developing his loose, improvising and sampling way of film making – he’ll be huge. Or controversial. Probably both!

  130. jxf011 says:

    Please post the torrent for the 1080p 5.1 surround version so I can check this out. What I’ve seen looks great, I’m excited to see the whole thing! Thanks, congrats on a cool release.

  131. Peteris Krisjanis says:

    To previous commentator: that’s what nature of shorties usually are – they are very short snippets of larger story. You will have to make up your own mind.

    By myself, I’m amazed – first, I wanted to watch movie to see new Blender capabilities, but surprisingly middle and end parts of the movie won me over – acting was nice (old man delivered imho), effects and action was nicely edited, music was top noch. It won’t win any awards, but I enjoyed watching it and I am very happy to see what can be done with open source/free software.

    Nice one.

  132. [...] Dream, 2008 Big Buck Bunny y en el 2012 Ember in 2010 y este que les quiero mostrar, Tears of Steel, es el cuarto de la [...]

  133. [...] Dream, 2008 Big Buck Bunny y en el 2012 Ember in 2010 y este que les quiero mostrar, Tears of Steel, es el cuarto de la [...]

  134. SyS says:

    Thanks a lot for everything!
    Again, fascinating movie! Congratulations!

  135. Donnerland says:

    As far as I cam remember, I think that you said, that the Soundrack will be released in four parts:
    - The final mix
    - The Actors’ voices
    - The sound-design-part
    - The music

  136. [...] Tears of Steel – download & watch | Tears of Steel. This entry was posted in My TV. Bookmark the permalink. ← How To Make the Perfect Ice Cube [...]

  137. Psy-Fi says:

    Watched it a few times and I must say I love it. I love the humour, the obvious light hearted tone (a clear Ian Hubert signature) and the clear roles that each character had (Mad captain with eye patch versus serious old Thom was great). At last, a great funny sky-fi short. And it was way better than the way my childhood memories were ravaged by the insanely politically insulting and brain dead “Transformer” movies. -sigh-.
    I feel that a lot of controversies would be solved if the film had been longer, for instance it is quite clear that the final scene is meant as a ridiculous reminder of the psycho-killer state of Barley, yet we can’t appreciate his nature in this little time (I think a few funny and over the top acrobatics during the movie would help with that but of course that would have been hard given the budget and time constraints). Other people have mentioned the lack of development between Thom and Celia’s relationship. I think it was conveyed very well given the time constraints.

    The VFX were great, and it’s quite clear to me at least that any awkward scenes were a direct result of time constraints. Of course I wish it was perfect but we can’t have everything right?

    …Anyway the film is now finished so what the heck am I writing all that for?

    Congratulations guys, you rock! Ian I look forward to the rest of your Dynamo series (and more!) and I wish every one of you luck for your future endeavours!

  138. saul says:

    Great short film guys. I fallow the project since the beginning and watching the final results its just fantastic.
    love everything about the film. Congrats to entire team and thank you for making blender better.

  139. Carsten says:

    It took some time to write a comment, because i wanted to see if my view is clearing out after watching TOS a couple of times and think about it.
    The thing is: I am still torn apart between LOVE IT and WTF?!

    The Quality is amazing.. there´s only one Scene that i don´t like (the 2nd View of the Rocket Thrusts in the beginning.. not enough glow to hide they are just jiggeling polygon pipes). I really looking forward examening those blend files…

    Acting is great imho, from every single person. Lot of good lines, well delivered.. “Not my fault… this time” :)

    Sound/Music is absolutely awsome.

    Story.. I really love the way the movie TELLS the story.. Ians fingerprint. Its fun, fresh, lighweight… The problem is: I don´t get what the story IS. I know its a short, and i dont expoect that everything is explained to the end. And i really like when a (short) movie makes me think about it, makes me speculate and guess.. like ED did. But i think i should have a basic idea when i watched it through the first time. And it should catch my curiosity. With TOS, there were just too many questions left. I didn´t understand what the heck those people are trying/doing… which is the most important thing. The only thing that helped me understand what the heck this Short is probably about was watching it in HD, stop it in the tower scene and read the newspaper on Toms head.
    This doesn´t mean i think TOS is a bad movie. Great Great work, fun to watch, amazing what blender can do in the hands of a creative bunch of people!

  140. Trill says:

    I saw tos many times so far, maybe once or twice per day since the release date. Just now I finished to see the webm version too, definetely miriad of details I didn’t notice in the theora one previously.

    After that all, well, I’ve to admit… I’m moved, guys, literally.. =)

    Moved by what you accomplished in a very few months, by the stunning visual quality of the pictures, by richness of the details and everyone’s effort devoted to reach such a milestone for Blender, but mostly by the level this extraordinary piece of software has reached now…

    … keying, masking, feathering, planar tracking, a new compositor, despill, roto, cycles, bmesh, a brand new color management…

    all features we could just dream about only a few month/year ago. In so little time you changed blender face completely and transformed this tool in a pleasure to use, something maybe too good to be true, something so awesome that lets people cry:


    I’m proud to have funded this open movie, I’ll be proud to support what’s next ;)

    Congratulations to you all!!1!

  141. Tycho says:

    Whaaa really impressing : I love it but I m sure such a story better feet some long movie better.
    Render quality are impressive, maybe log of smoke some times. The explosion was not that convincing but pretty.

    Blender’s improvements were huge.

    Keep on producing that good quality of movie.

  142. anonymous says:

    Please encode a 720p WebM version.

  143. [...] licenza Creative Commons 3.0 ed è possibile scaricarlo via torrent o via download diretto dal sito della Blender Foundation, in lingua inglese (presto dovrebbero arrivare i sottotitoli nelle varie lingue). Se non volete [...]

  144. Alcides says:

    It’s a very good tech demo but a bad movie.
    The robots, CG and integration with human actors is great. Shows the potential of blender. The history is weak and obscure.
    I can’t show it to my friens as I did with the Bunny movie, Simtel and this one are not good movies are just a demoreel.

  145. bakabaka says:

    Great job guys. I’m really looking forward to the DvDs :)

  146. [...] issues des développements spécifiques qui ont été fait pour son quatrième court métrage Tears of Steel, notamment en ce qui concerne la gestion des effets spéciaux (ce qui nous concerne peu), mais [...]

  147. Example says:

    How can an inferior encoder VP8 produce a higher quality file than a better encoder like x264? Did you guys do such a poor job of using x264 that you cannot possibly competent enough to correctly compare them?

  148. [...] Yup Blender 2.64 tentu saja menggunakan Splash Screen dengan gambar Tears of Steel. [...]

  149. [...] Blender Foundation has released “Tears of Steel,” the short film produced during its Mango open movie project. As with [...]

  150. josef_n says:

    One thing i noticed about this movie. Is that instead the movie making us cry(because of its good story). It made the Production crew members cry because of its negative story review.


  151. Derek Mango says:


    Well I’ve just finished seeing Tears of Steel and I give it the following review:

    Graphics: 8.4
    Acting : 5.7
    Story : 1.0
    (from 1 to 10, 10 being the best and 1.0 being horrible)

    Yea I agree with Joseph,

    “The last Sintel made the audience cry, this tears of steel made the crew cry…”


  152. [...] TEARS OF STEEL – DOWNLOAD & WATCH [Original Blog Post & Download Links] [...]

  153. [...] a girl. Are you asleep yet ? Sounds unimpressive .. doesn’t it. However the folks from “Tears of Steel” turned it into 12 minutes of awesomeness. Lets call it a passionate lovescene between Ridley Scott [...]

  154. Utkarsh says:

    Another masterpiece by this amazing team, you guys not only perfected a software but also have become an inspiration. I was waiting desperately for “Tears Of Steel”, and watched 3 times already before putting up this comment and will watch later after posting it as well :D Thank you guys, Project Mango is really delicious ;) I don’t know what more to say, but thank you, you guys are awesome. Will be waiting for more……

  155. [...] vidéo juste en-dessous) ou le télécharger en HD (MKV) via les fichiers torrent disponibles sur l’article d’annonce. Je ne vous spoilerai évidemment pas ici en vous dévoilant l’histoire mais tout ce que je [...]

  156. I have read so many content regarding the blogger lovers but
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  157. [...] >>> Tears of Steel, est le quatrième court métrage réalisé sous licence Creative Commons par la fondation Blender et donc avec Blender, l’une des solutions les plus puissantes et open-source pour la création de montages vidéos et d’effets 3D. [...]

  158. Irrevenoid says:

    One of the things that isn’t clear to me is: Is this entirely computer-generated except for the actors? Or are there props (eg. the guns?) and sets too? If it IS entirely CG except for the actors, that’s something worth trumpeting a lot more loudly than it has been, because it’s a triumph for the Blender Engine.

  159. Andy Davis says:

    Just got my DVD package today so got to watch on the big TV.

    Technically, the film is great; and knowing it was created with free tools just made me smile.

    Personally, I thought the story was great too. I especially liked the idea of a man, given the opportunity to whitewash a mistake, instead using that opportunity to express remorse and real contrition.

    My only real beef is with some of the early dialog. “I just want to be awesome in space” ??!?!? C’mon, not even George Lucas hates an actor enough to give him a line like that to say.

    • Irrevenoid says:

      Yeah, the film DOES suffer a bit from mood whiplash. The interactions between the adult Thom and Celia are all heartfelt and deadly serious whereas most of the support characters are comic relief.

      The whole “I just wanna be awesome in space” line is a great line. Whether it’s a great line for THIS movie, is a different matter…

  160. Graham says:

    There’s no denying the technical masterpiece.

    It could be the ending to a full film which leads up to this.

    They should do that, you know, to push it mainstream.

    Blender is awesome.

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  165. Stu says:

    Fantastic, absolutely fantastic job. Of course the porduction is top notch, sound asnd music are great. I love the toungue-in-cheek script too. You guys are an inspiration.

  166. Tae says:

    You have watched it online in Wayback Machine and you get no Rovi Corporation item appearing in the credits.

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