Compositing Breakdown Video

by - 2012/11/03 5 Comments Compositing

One of the many features you can find on our DVD is an extensive 9 minute (!) VFX breakdown video. It was edited by Pablo Vazquez and shows some of the most stunning shots of Tears of Steel! A huge thanks goes to Joram who gave me his Ok to mangle his soundtrack.


  1. Holmen says:

    Ha ha, the end is hilarious.
    Great work guys! There is so much work that i never thought of when watching the movie, all those small details you added that makes it come together.

  2. Awesome! Very nice work, impressive.

  3. PhysicsGuy says:

    Great scene. We heard so much about the famous romantic scene between
    Ton and Derek, now we finally get to see it *grin*

  4. chekolian says:

    It look’s like The Tall Guy made the movie, without him we wouldn’t see it.

  5. russ says:

    Very impressive!

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