Weekly meeting 25-05-2012

by - 2012/05/25 18 Comments Weekly meeting

Today will be live on twitcam for our weekly meeting. Drop by at 6:00 and get the latest news about project mango!

  1. mark says:

    6pm UTC/GMT +1 hour I take it? ;)

  2. J. says:

    GMT+2 , because there’s daylight saving time in the EU at this time of year.
    So even if you’re actually living in Greenwhich, the meeting will be at 5PM UK time.

    To be clear: the meeting will be at 4PM GMT! (GMT is always the same and has no DST)


  3. Tycho says:

    Hi ! Is it possible to speek a little about music and soundtrack (for instance would the new sound system be used/improved, by adding raytrace reverb simulation for example).
    Would it be also possible to get a pack of continious exr to test greenkeying and new amazing cere based compositor ?

  4. Blendiac says:

    Link please?

  5. hmm says:


    6:09 and still no Link :-(

  6. Blendiac says:

    Found it… for anyone else looking, it’s at:

  7. hmm says:

    @Blendiac: No, this is the recording of last week…

  8. Blendiac says:


  9. francesco says:

    Here you go! http://twitcam.com/a50xw (tweet and spread the word thanks!)

  10. Geoff says:

    Looking great so far!

  11. Prodeous says:

    So, does it always start around the same time? Each friday at 6pm?

  12. Jan the Freeze says:

    please put some of those test renders on youtube!

  13. Big Fan says:

    ….and the last word of the meeting is from Ton….”who is going for a beer?….”LOL
    I know already Ton looks after beer…..plus some other random stuff…
    Seems to be coming along steadily. Keep up the good work people. :)

    • Jan the Freeze says:

      Ton ends all weeklys with ”who is going for a beer at the windmill?” if not he jinxes the next week ; )

  14. holamigos says:

    No e visto a Nathan , estoy muy preocupado
    donde esta Nathan

  15. Santo Cristo! Eu e minha família estamos assistindo essa magnifica transmissão via twitcam!

  16. comeinandburn says:

    don’t worry there are more than 97 viewers.. ha ha. I never get to watch it live.

    Can you upload this to youtube in higher resolution? it’s so hard to see what’s going at at this low res, and I agree the test renders would be awesome to see as well.

    great work everyone!