Weekly meeting 18-05-2012

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  1. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    The injecter … the hand is perfect… I know I am a bit af a geegis caus I was maulin cause of his But its perfect

    wort quie fine GOOD job and the rest Tooo :D

  2. Colin Levy says:

    Ah, memories. I only popped in mid-way through, but… awesome weekly! :D

  3. TFS says:

    Out of interest is the open source Predator tracking software a likely candidate for future use in the blender tracker?


    PS loved the update

  4. Big Fan says:

    Nice tracker improvements especially!
    BTW please get Big Ton to speak up for these videos. I know it is a little hard to understand him sometimes but all I hear this time is he is looking after beer all week?….

    • ton says:

      I’m the little engine behind the scenes that keeps things running. Paying bills, handling sponsoring/subsidies, writing loads of emails, connecting people, updating webpages, discussing developer targets, project planning, organizing artist travel & housing, etc etc. And getting lunches & weekly beers & snacks!

      • Eps says:

        At least he is nt asking for whisky :P
        Anyway without Ton and the awesome team he build up, blender wont be here :)

      • Big Fan says:

        ….and it all seems to be going very sweetly so far…much better progress than any movie before I think….well done Big Ton! have an extra beer ;)

        • Big Fan says:

          ….then again I just listenened to the latest Blender podcast and it seems mission creep is setting in again….I wonder if Ton should declare that the movie must work in 7-8 mins and they will only add a bit more here and there to polish things if there is time at the end? …Just thinking of Sintel additions/rework and asking ;)

  5. Hola says:

    Cuando estará disponible Venoms Lab 2,

  6. Josh Cryer says:

    Great little show. Thanks for recording it. :)

  7. Eps says:

    Thank for sharing :) finally got to know how a real team works lol. I love dis openness of mango project ^.^

  8. make it as long as possible

  9. Bao2 says:

    They have two churchs. LOL

  10. 3pointedit says:

    Any chance you can fix aspect ratio of camera to stream next time? Stream sees SD anamorphic as 4:3 instead of 16:9 thus making tall squishy pictures with black bars.