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The movie we are currently making isn’t Mango! Mango is going to take us more than a few days!

We’re currently doing a 5 day kickoff film to work through the entire pipeline- the end goal hopefully being that all those mistakes and lessons we’d have learned from Mango, we’re making and learning now. It’s also cool from a momentum aspect (us artists would spend the first 5 days just calibrating our monitors, if we got the chance)- and gives us a much better sense of perspective in terms of time estimation. We’re learning first hand how long certain tasks take.  Just a sec- lunchtime.

Back! To see the original script and Ton’s initial announcement, check here!

So yes, full fledged Mango pre-production continues next week! If you check back later today, you’ll see some cool robot-y updates.

  1. PhysicsGuy says:

    Hi Ian,

    I think the source of the confusion is that BlenderNation has posted links to the workshop video project as “Mango Fun: Videos!”
    To people who don’t follow the mango blog specifically, this is of course a bit confusing!

    • ian says:

      Ahhh, yes. I suspect that’s a large part of it. I’ll go and put links to the original blog posts on the YouTube pages.

  2. Tadd says:

    I can see how some people could be confused. In fact, the first post for this pipe-line test confused me slightly when you posted a script and said it would be in done in five days. Didn’t take me long to realize what you where doing, however.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the results of this test – and in seeing Mango in it’s full glory. Keep up the fantastic work in this project and keeping the community informed!

  3. jhon says:

    Ohh now i understand,This is just a test of matchmoving and bug fixes.

  4. Donnerland says:

    Hi Guys,

    i’ve got a question: Do you use Cycles for renderering this kick-off project?
    And if you use it, how do you do the fire, smoke and dust, when there is no support for volumetrics in cylces yet?

    • Well, as far as I know, that effects are rendered using Blender Internal, and composited with the Cycles rendered images :) (Just a guess :D)

  5. Tycho says:

    I think its a good idea to clarify a bit. Well ! It was admittedly confusing. But Ian could you enlighten me as to what you are using for equipement : do you already get the RED-epic(s) ? Are you using it to do this little test week ? If so how to you handle the 4k footages ?
    Since it’s a test it’s good for us to have the progress of this but above all to know what’s have cause some trouble and how the team handle this. So it’s good to know that the amazing developpers debug tons of bug but what are they. As a commons user i dont see tons of bug in Blender but …
    So if possible (if time enough) could you give us more infos about “how to make a film”, about the workflow … Given that no post confirmed us that mango production will be open but a post of ton declares that this test film will be, im looking torwards to having more and more infos, models to download, blend files to see how you use the video editor.
    But thats no criticises it’s only wishes : all you do is amazing. Thank you very much ! I love blender …

    • ian says:

      We’re actually just using a 550D T2i deal- which is the most common pro-sumerish camera at the moment. Kit lens and everything.

      Yeah, figuring out a whole 4k RED workflow is going to be an entire project in itself, which’ll probably take all of Mango to really get down right.

      A lot of the issues we’ve been running into are little things- or things specific to this project. That said, lots of the little things have to do with the compositor, and it’s giving us a good grasp of what needs to be implemented to make the node compositor really effective.

      For example, though, one thing I learned from Sebastian; if you use lens stabilization on the 550D kit lens, it actually makes it HARDER to track, since it’s possible the optics shift the lens orientation a bit- something that’s pretty darn hard for the tracker to take into account.

      Ah! Mango is of course open! It says so right under the Mango logo on the banner! We’re posting as much as possible about the entire process (for better or for worse :P). We’re not posting AS much during this kickoff week because, I’ll be honest- it’s a lot to get done in a week. But yeah, we’ll have plenty more posts about that, and files to download and all that.

      Thanks for the comment!

      • PhysicsGuy says:

        Is this true for all image stabilizing lenses? I have a canon hv20 which has an image stabalizing lens built in.
        If that impedes tracking I’m pretty much screwed.

      • Tycho says:

        Thank a lot for your answer which is really precise. I must have been misunderstood cause I’m not a native. I already know that the final release would be open, like previous in peach, durian or orange. But I don’t see the result of the “Open/closed” poll. And some guy just voted closed so …
        I’m for open, of course.

        I don’t know that lens stabilisation make it harder to track : that probably the reason that when I track a “perfect scene” (a blank floor with lot of yellow tennis ball), I never get perfect reconstitution of the scene.
        I must test without this stabilisation.

        Keep on making such amazing stuff

        • Ian says:

          Ohhh! I get what you’re saying! Yeah, the open/closed question was just in terms of what we’ll talk about on the blog; how much story we give away, and all that. No matter what happens, we’ll talk a lot about production. It’s mostly just a question of how much we’ll skip talking too heavily about story elements.

  6. J. says:

    Read the previous blog posts, please!

  7. Light says:

    Some got trolled by the accident TON-roll… XD
    Fun stuff indeed… LOL
    Keep them coming!!!

  8. jhon says:

    I will Light… i will ;)

  9. jhon says:


  10. jhon says:

    Story demands.epic story. And ian is not a writer

  11. J. says:

    This story was written by Ton, a true writer! (of Blender books :P)

  12. jhon says:

    no itsIAN, read previos articles, he’s the christopher nolan around here.

    • PhysicsGuy says:

      Dude, pulled from the original post by Ton “Monday morning, 10.00h. I delivered a script to the team, which they’ll have to turn into a short film within 5 days. Premiere will be here at 18.00h friday, on youtube an hour later! The process of making it will be shared as open as possible. So: here’s the script already linked to the right. Written by yours truly, playing here in the Blender Institute!”

      So, it was written by Ton, not by Ian.

  13. jhon says:

    the fictional writer around here

  14. jhon says:

    And i was’nt confused.. i hated the sub short story idea from the beggining