Day 2: If you look at the windows, they are so dutch.

by - 2012/02/21 15 Comments Directing & writing, Production

So we decided that, unlike Sintel, we’re not going to wait to post blog updates until we have things like, “Good Reasons”- we’re gonna post whatever, just to keep you guys in the loop, and show you what’s really going on. We’re not going to be nearly as worried about secrecy (that said, we’re also probably not going to bend over backwards showing you everything :P).

This is good news for me, because otherwise the concept of frequent blog post ‘presentations’ to the blender community would be totally exhausting/intimidating!

Not that we’d be short on content for today! Holy cow. I had no idea when I woke up that we’d be storyboarding the entire film!¬†Which means I get to work with David to plan out every single shot of this thing. That’s a lot of shots, and a lot of decisions! We’re currently at shot 53- but I suspect we’re only halfway there. David estimates we’ll be up till midnight. I estimate that means it’s time to grab burgers. Of course, a lot of the stuff we’re doing today will change once we solidify designs, talk with Joris (the D.P. (The Director of Photography (the guy who actually makes the shots))), and figure out how we’re actually going to pull off a lot of the more confusing compositions.

It’s also really great to be able to storyboard with the same guy who would otherwise be doing a lot of the concepts, as the processes can really go hand-in-hand. We’ll know exactly which designs we need to refine, and what we can keep rough.

Anyways, here is a video with absolutely no narrative curve! I’m gonna eat a burger!


  1. Juan Guzzy says:

    Probably in one of the scoutings, you attract some spirits and can not remove they anymore from mango production: “Blender buttons from the far away interacts with new 2.6x version”

    Greetings and enjoy it!

  2. kiriri says:

    haha such a random video :D I’m liking this new approach a lot, now I can finally see you guys behave like normal human beings :P The first church looks really awesome, I can already imagine half of it crumbling in an awesome fight!

    Just wondering though, have you decided yet on how many ‘sprints’ mango will feature? Can’t wait to try and help you out some :)

  3. Cessen says:

    Yay! I miss you Ian! Looks like you guys are working hard and playing hard. :-)

  4. craig hellman says:

    Love it, LOVE IT !!

  5. Apos says:

    This is going to be great! Now we can see the whole project build up stone by stone.

  6. Alessio says:

    Nice video! I like the mood.
    Oh, I already bought the DVD so, I want that red Ape50 in the movie! :) It would fit perfectly for a mango chase scene!
    By the way, Ian you’re a smart director, but I hope the cameraman won’t be as crazy as you were twhile taking these random shots ;)

  7. D says:

    Huzzah for a more open open movie! :D

  8. PhysicsGuy says:

    It looks like the guys are really having a good time working. Nice music!

  9. Greg Zaal says:

    Just don’t spoil the story please :)

  10. hassan yola says:

    This short movie is so fun it’s look like Ian and David does tourism ! personaly I love the humour of Ian and Ton !
    David is just a bit too serious fo moment !

  11. Mal says:

    For anyone who hasn’t tested out the camera matching in Blender yet, elements of this video could be ideal as source material – especially if you can make a funny version and post it :)

  12. Terence says:

    That one church looked a lot like a boat. Did you get a little sidetracked? :)

  13. jay says:

    Man you guys are lucky

  14. MmAaXx says:

    nice to see you guys working on new project!

    bytheway, bought my mango copy :)

  15. Mike says:

    So … why are you scouting churches? Aliens come to earth and start attacking churches? Aliens come to earth and decide to attend church and listen to a sermon? :-)