Amsterdam photo refs

by - 2012/03/21 7 Comments Production, Random

Here’s a small selection of the thousands reference photos shot during the last weekends.

Boats, bridges, canals and the Oude Kerk, of course. but also many refs from the architecture and design of the Amsterdamse School (1910-1930~)

Especially interesting are the street furniture pieces (like the electrics box and the street-lamp in these pictures ) partly used directly as typical dutch environment props , but also as a base to build sci-fi and tech pieces (some of those shapes and geometries seems made just for that !)

  1. Peter says:

    I have a question about the techniques you will use for making the short-movie: will you use some digital matte painting technique too? And if yes, will the developers add some features matte painting to the mango version of blender?

    • Ni:Zu says:

      Hi, hard to say yet how much (hand) painting there will be,
      but some matte painting will be used for sure.

      Somewhat related is baking light to textures (for backgrounds) and texture paint and projections: i’m thinking of that but..not sure about new features.

  2. Peter Houlihan says:

    They look really nice :) Its a beautiful city. Can’t wait to see it get eaten.

  3. JiBZ says:

    Beautiful city. Interesting cities objects.

  4. Joeri says:

    Thats a nice dvd filler. :P

  5. PhysicsGuy says:

    The images of the electric box are really very beautiful. The GE on the box stands for “Gemeentelijke Electriciteitswerken” (Municipal Electricityworks) which in the 40’s fused with the Municipal gascompany to for the Gemeente Energie Bedrijf (Municipal Energy Company).

    The boxes were apparently designed in 1926 by Pieter Lucas Marnette, who (according to was indeed part of the Amsterdamse School. On that page there are also a few other beautiful examples.

    It could be cool to incoorporate more of these Amsterdamse School features in to movie. It gives a kind of Doctor Who flavour to it to have these radical design styles from the past in a Scifi movie.

    • Ni:Zu says:

      Hi , indeed , i found that box at the street furniture exibition in het Schip museum. (about Amsterdamse School , nice visit)
      Thanks for the infos and the link (nice picture of a weathered version of the box !)

      I definitely hope to put a fair amount of these references in the envs !