Here are the current storyboards for Mango! ( or download the pdf with high resolution images (20 MB) )

David Revoy painted over the initial sketches by Ian over a period of 2 days to create these images. Note that many things are sure to change as we finalize certain designs and consult with the DP and costume designer and all that fun stuff, but it’s a fantastic start!

  1. jose.j says:

    Very impressive all the sketches. I am sure that they can build a great story. Much encouragement.


  2. Nick KT says:

    watching the first page “20 images in two days, that’s ok…OMG THERE ARE 8 OTHER PAGES!?”
    but sereously those storyboars are so cool!

  3. Tadd says:

    I hate the sketches look 100x better than when I try my hardest … darn people and skill.

    • Rogério Perdiz says:

      Yeah! Same here… but everyone can practice :) eventually we’ll get there ;)

  4. Gianmichele says:

    Nice nice! I wonder what is Sintel doing in Mango though ;)

    • deevad says:

      tx! Same concept artist = same style
      Just a sort of signature ;)

      • I was thinking that you do a cameo in the movie XD (but then remember that will be live action)

        Jajaja that’s right when an artist has an strong style like yours their work look like a similar armony.

        Excelent job, always make us feel like noobs XD

        I did the same thing that the second comment, saw the 20 shots first and then realized that there are more pages.


  5. kikko says:

    Gonna be an amazing movie!
    Awesome sharing

  6. ambake001 says:

    Fantastic storyboarding, gives such a clear indication as to how fabulous the final film is gonna look, great job!

  7. Rogério Perdiz says:

    Looks great! Besides the storyboards it also gives a good preview of how color goes along the several scenes. It does seems to pay off the time one has to spent painting.

    • deevad says:

      Hey Rogério :)
      Sure, color helped the lecture of it, easier to split visually element on the compo, and to cut scene with ambiant and ground in picture with values.

      I’m also sure the real palette of the movie will be very different and reworked in depht by the team. Mainly because my choice of colors here was motivated to make only the storyboard fastly readable.

  8. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    The Robot in a virtual matix is a very cool Idear and looks very impressiv

    But the Scientists look like megaman Maybe (162) thers a better solution
    maybe ther hands break in peases:D

  9. Nabil Stendardo says:

    Any actors in mind while doing the storyboard?

    • deevad says:

      From my side, no precise ideas of actor while I painted storyboard ; I used the outlined sketch of Ian and adapted them into very distinctive character ( for making the storyboard easy to read and also a bit fun ). Thats why there is for the moment the blond young boy with tons of hair-glue , the young woman with dark hair , the ‘glasses’ scientist guy, the asian with moustache and green hat, and the fat bald scientist one and more … but my favorite is still the punk scientist.

      The real casting will probably be very different , and surely better !

  10. Lindsey says:

    Very nice
    Question: how was this storyboard created?

    some scenes look hand-drawn while others look somewhat computer generated…. combination of both?

    • deevad says:

      This storyboard was made with Krita mainly, I posted 2 weeks ago a making of with my tips here :
      Also , most of this version had sketch done with a first pass by Ian using Mypaint, and I just did a paint-over in Krita.
      We used both PNG and Open Raster, with command-line tool as Calligraconverter to batch convert from one file format to another one.

      Nothing was really ‘handdrawn’ ( all was done with tablet ) it was a full digital storyboard experiment ( on Sintel, BBB storyboard was done on paper then scanned ). Krita tools provide very interesting brush engine, I tried to use/play with them for various speed effect.

  11. mookie says:

    Showing all storyboard already? I don’t know if it’s such a good idea… Besides it’s a kind of a spoiler.

    • ton says:

      Check a couple of posts ago, the discussion on open/closed. We found a good working model for this blog. So if you want to see how a project gets realized stick around here. We won’t tell the ending or post the script here, but everything else we should discuss freely.

      • Bailey says:

        I still think spoilers are a non-issue. Reveal everything. Where else can we find the whole process of a movie, spoilers and all?

  12. Peter says:

    The idea to open up everything except the story or script is great. It creates a certain suspense till to the great premiere.

  13. Dusty says:

    Honestly?? This is far bigger than sintel in all the props and effects you are going to have to use!!! I know you have live action actors, but nearly all of the shots will have unique CGI effects in!!

    You really have your work cut out and really hope you manage to pull this off!!!

    Cheering you on guys!!!!! If anyone can do this it’s you lot!!!

  14. Manganese says:

    Suggestion: these look good enough for a web comic. Why not make one?

    • deevad says:

      He he, thanks for the suggestion, maybe I’ll do it after the movie release. it’s probably not a lot of work to add speech bubbles and reframe some shot to have a more ‘webcomic’ composition.
      Waiting this time, I’m curious what speech bubbles the community would improvise watching the current version without having the script.

  15. CarlKeinV says:

    i can do better… after 48 years.. >,< woooww.. these arts are soooo cool and awesome!!! :D

  16. Peter Houlihan says:

    Oh holy god, I can’t wait :D

  17. Francisco Ortiz says:

    Nice to know that Doctor Evil will take part in the movie. I think this time machine can show us when he got the eye patch. .>(

  18. TheNakedStreak says:

    Hey guys – This is superb. I understand why you don’t want to give the script away at the moment but will you be able to do that when the project is finished? The story boards look great but I’d love to see how the boards and the screenplay fit together. It would help me learning journey :)

  19. Animaniac888 says:

    So unlike the other open movies is this going to be live action with CG compositing? Or is it going to be completely animated. And how long approximately will it be?

  20. Very nice. I am really looking forward to seeing the movie.

  21. bydesign says:

    Nice storyboards! Love the moods and the style. The shots are nicely framed and composed as well.

    I’m having a very hard time understanding the storyline from what’s going on in the storyboards though. I realize dialog is missing, but in this type of short I would think (perhaps wrongly) that you want the visuals to tell as much of the story as the dialog. Since there seems to be several abstract, futuristic concepts going on behind the scenes, I wonder if there are more ways to make things a little more clear.

    Or maybe it’s just because they’re stills and most of the communication will be in the motion?

  22. jim says:

    If it turns out half as good as, “Sintel”, it will be great. Looking forward to see everything Mango.

  23. SelvaKumar says:

    As same as the second comment. wondered at the bottom of the page.. there are more pages to go.. Oh god. u guys are awesome. I’m just starting to learn painting… i’m not even a newb. newb to newb. again great job guys.