Holographic Domestic

by - 2012/06/06 10 Comments Animation

At some point we’re going to be switching between the live footage and some holographic representations of the scene.

So nice and quickly, using the footage as a background, I animated our old holo blockheads to match the acting as well as needed. As the actors didn’t really move from the spot and and the camera was (mostly) static, it was nice and easy, and I didn’t need any help from the tracking software.
(this isn’t the camera angle we will be using, this was just to get the acting matched up)

And again without the backplate

A little later Andy will work his magic and make the characters look awesome and holographicy.

Who needs mo-cap :)

  1. Eduardo Garcia says:

    Mo-cap is for losers!

  2. ZareOne says:

    I’m a loser! Can I have a budget mocap solution in Blender? :P

  3. Ross M. says:

    I’m a loser too!

  4. postrock says:

    I can’t wait to be a loser!

  5. johnny says:

    When will I be a loser?

  6. Tycho says:

    Definitely im part of a looser that consider mocap are saving time that allows us to perfect the other part of the animation for instance rendering… but probably jeremy hasnt found a mocap called “mango – bridge scene” that miraculously fit perfectly the footage so :)

    • sozap says:

      in that particular case I think they haven’t so much choice , how do you match real actors moves with mocap’s ones taken in studio ? by the way, well done, I’m looking forward the next step of rendering / compositing…

  7. Bao2 says:

    I am loosing something too!

  8. Bao2 says:

    The title of the movie. What is it going to be?

    And next project, please “Ampalaya”

  9. Kutato says:

    mocap not need it! Only patience and lots of teamwork, suddenly the work will be great!